Battlegroup 42 client side patch

Here it is guys the brand new kick @$$ version of Battlegroup 42 have fun :)


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Here it is guys the brand new kick @$$ version of Battlegroup 42 have fun :)

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BattleGroup42 Mod for Battlefield 1942

This is Beta Release 0.95 of BattleGroup42. It requires 0.9 to already
be installed, and is intended for Battlefield 1942 version 1.5.

It has the following gameplay changes:
- All tanks and anti-tank guns now have a fixed (low-power) zoom
- Heavy tanks have gunsights
- APCs have lowered MG positions and use ironsights
- Jagdpanther tank destroyer has high-powered (x2.5) zoom in second,
gunner's position
- Infantry small-arms, MGs and bazookas have increased damage
- Aircraft power has been rebalanced
- Tank projectiles have reduced damage against armour greater than they
could penetrate in real life

Despite the small version number change, 0.95 is a major update that
largely completes our ambition with 0.9 to 'redefine the battlefield' -
specifically to have all appropriate maps having all the right vehicles
for all the nationalities featured. With 0.95 (including 0.9) the
following maps are featured (the 5 new maps in 0.95 marked with an
asterisk, *):

1) 4104-Karst by Amaccann (with bot support)
2) 4105-Operation_Mercury
3) 4106-Operation_Barbarossa by Ghoul and GlobalConflict
4) 4111-Operation_Crusader by Lt.Havoc and Fritz
5) 4111-Rostov by Amaccann (with bot support)
6) 4212-Tebourba
7) 4301-Stalingrad_Winter (with bot support)
8) 4302-Tundra by Augustus (with bot support by Arc D'Wraith)
9) 4302-KharkovWinter* by L3-dOg
10) 4303-Rabaul by Lt.Havoc and Fritz
11) 4307-Operation_Citadel (with bot support)
12) 4401-Battle_For_Korsun* by Lt.Havoc and Fritz
13) 4406-LD_PointDuHoc by Cpl.Reynolds (with bot support by Arc
14) 4407-BarkmannsCorner* (with bot support)
15) 4407-SaintLo by Brenil
16) 4408-Anguar
17) 4408-CarpathianDefense* (previously UralFoothills) by Demize99
18) 4409-Nancy by Lt.Havoc and Fritz
19) 4409-Op_Market_Garden (DICE map but with British army and other
20) 4410-Debrecen (with bot support)
21) 4411-Huertgen_Forest by BobChinook
22) 4503-The_Swamp
23) 4503-OperationVarsity* by Zara5ustra

plus, of course, full support for all the original 20 or so DICE maps
(except for OperationMarketGarden which is replaced by
4409-OpMarketGarden). The full set of 67 Battlegroup vehicles and other
equipment for these maps is as follows (excluding DICE original ones),
with the new ones in 0.95 marked with an asterisk:

Heavy Tanks: KV-1, KV-2, KV-1S, KV-85, IS-2
Tank Destroyers: SU-85*, SU-100
Assault Guns: SU-122*
Mobile AA: M17_MGMC* (lend-lease version of M16_MGMC)
APCs: M5A1* (lend-lease version of M3A1, fitted with DSHK heavy MG)
Fixed Artillery: ZIS-2AT, ZIS-3
Aircraft: Yak9-B, P-39 Airacobra* by =]BcBG[= Marie-Solange
Small-arms: Mosin Nagant rifle, Mosin Nagant sniper rifle, PPsh41 SMG,
SVT40, F-1 grenade

Medium Tanks: Turan II
Assault Guns: Zrinyi
Mobile AA: Nimrod
APC: Opel Blitz Truck
Small-arms: 43M SMG

Light Tanks: Stuart I
Medium Tanks: Crusader I, Crusader III, Sherman Firefly
Heavy Tanks: Matilda II
Tank Destroyers: Achilles IIc
Mobile AA: Staghound AA*
Artillery: Bishop
Recce: SAS Jeep, Home Guard Jeep, Staghound III* armoured car
Aircraft: Lancaster
Small-arms: Sten, PIAT, Auto 5 shotgun

Light Tanks: Panzer II F
Medium Tanks: Panzer III (J, J Special, M and N versions), Panzer IV (D,
F Special and H versions) Heavy Tanks: Panther D, Panther A, King Tiger
Tank Destroyers: Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdpanzer V Jagdpanther Assault Guns:
Sturmgeschutz III (D and G versions) Mobile AA: SdKfz251/17 Flak,
Artillery: Bison
Assault Guns: Brummbaer*
Recce: Puma armoured car
Fixed Artillery: sIG33 Howitzer, Flak 36 ('88'), Nebelwerfer
Aircraft: FW190-A4, FW190-A8, Ju52, Me262, Ju87G Kannonvogel*
Small-arms: G43 semi-auto rifle, FG42

Tanks: Chi-Ha_Shinhoto
APCs: Ho-Ki
Small-arms: Katana, Type 100 SMG, Arisaka rifle, Arisaka carbine,
Arisaka sniper rifle

Light Tanks: M3 Stuart
Heavy Tanks: Sherman Jumbo
Tank Destroyers: M36 Jackson
Mobile AA: M16_MGMC*
Artillery: M21 Mortar Carrier*
Fixed Artillery: M2A1 Howitzer
Aircraft: P47 Thunderbolt
Small-arms: M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M3A1 Grease Gun, M36 grenade

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