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Planned as a "hotfix", the 1.32 version of Battlegroup42 has been grown to a true patch file. Thanks to the feedback of the community, we...


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Planned as a "hotfix", the 1.32 version of Battlegroup42 has been grown to a true patch file. Thanks to the feedback of the community, we have been able to fix a lot of bugs which have not been noticed before. Most of them are coding issues in the new vehicles, others came from the map files. But don´t expect to much: Even version 1.32 will not be without any errors and bugs, but we have only a small team and no capacity for full size beta testing. If you like to join our team as a beta tester, modeller, skinner, unwrapper or in another modding related job just drop an application at our forums.

As promised, patch 1.32 contains two new maps designed by SargeSurfat. We hope you will have as much fun playing them as we have during the testings. Volturno Crossing is a late 1943 Italy scenario which provides full scale and grim fighting with armor, artillery and infantry. Poison Inferno is a fictive scenario and designed as a infantry only map with short ways, many hiding places and secret routes.

If you want to know what else has been changed or fixed, please read our changelog:

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# ===========================================
Battlegroup42 1.31 to 1.32 Patch - 25th of August 2006

# Installation Requirements:
You need BG42 1.31 installed.

# Fixes:
- missing/wrong sounds
- swapped icons on the Flak 36
- wheel bug on SdKfz 222
- swapped main gun / machinegun on M26 Pershing
- Sexton Crosshair (didn´t move any more)
- missing defguns on Bloody Ridge
- corrected map files for all Vanilla Bf42 Maps (excluding the match mappack maps)
- Fixed "invisible wall" bugs on Kalinin Front, Raid on Rabaul and Operation Corkscrew
- Fixed wrong soundscripts on Betty
- some small bugs
- Narvik: Ticket bleed fixed
- 2cm Flakvierling fixed

# Changes:
- Bots don´t use smoke grenades anymore due to "spamming" on some maps, which caused massive framerate drops.
- Sniper Rifles are more accurate now, and deal more damage. One shot to head or chest now kills your target.
- Armor of the Sherman 105, M4A3E8 Sherman, M4A3W76 Sherman, M4 Sherman, Sherman Jumbo, Sherman Ronson and the Cromwell slightly increased for a better match with the real values.
- Slightly strengthened the british 2pdr. projectile while removing the splash damage for a better match with the real values; this affects the Crusader I, the Matilda, the Daimler Scout Car and the Tetrarch.
- raised exit positions on flak and artillery guns; you won´t fall through the floor anymore, if the gun is placed on a building.
- Adjusted the artillery projectile´s speed and gravity
- Vehicle/Map changes on LoC: M4 Sherman -> M4A3W76 Sherman, Tiger -> Panzer IV H, Pak40 spawntime almost three times higher than before
- Fixed Coop-mode of Final at Bizerte
- Fixed the Dingo & Lynx driver camera: you now look straight instead of 20 degrees to the left.
- Camera angle changes on Dingo, Lynx and Bren Carrier: Left & Right 90 degrees, up 40, down 10, matched camera speed values
- Integrated MCR´s new Grenade Explosion Effect
- Changed the Daimler "Binocular Position" camera: 10 Degrees up & down view added
- Increased the Betty´s engine strength. You don´t crash into the palms on Rabaul anymore during lift-off.
- completely reworked the lexiconall.dat file
- Re-added the lod distances for all land vehicles
- Changed the grenade settings back to 1.2 values
- Hetzer Top MG´s rotation speed decreased

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