Battlegroup 42 v1.33 Server Files

This is the server files for Battlegroup 42


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File Description

    * Fixed

    * Machinegun Kits

    * Riflemen Kits

    * Rifle Grenades

    * Mines (explode now properly)

    * Sniper´s Smoke Grenades

    * Kettenkrad Engine/Track Sound

    * Some sound scripts

    * Some other minor bugs

    * Soldier Exit Locations on Panzer IV H and Ostwind

    * Panzer IV H AI Templates

    * CTD when destroying SU-76

    * Model fixes

    * New LODs for Henschel Fuselage

    * New COL01 Mesh for the DUKW

    * Improved COL2 Mesh for Schwimmwagen

    * Improved SdKfz 222 Meshes, but also slightly changed appearance of the Model due to reduction of polygons for better performance

    * New COL01 and COL02 Meshes for the Flak 36

    * New COL01 and COL02 for the Kübelwagen, Willy, Black Medal, GAZ: It´s now possible to shoot through the windshield

    * Revised version of Staghound AA

    * new Gun and GunBase mesh for the SU-100

    * Kit layout

    * Assault Class Soldiers now carry 2 Fragmentation/Blast Grenades, 2 Thermite Grenades and no longer AT grenades like the Gammon, RPG43 etc.

    * All other classes carry 2 Fragmentation/Blast Grenades instead of Smoke Grenades

    * German engineers now carry the MP18 to improve balancing

    * The number of AT Grenades/Molotov Cocktails has been increased to 2

    * Coding

    * sIG 33 now rotates using the left/right movement keys like all other artillery guns

    * 6-pounder now rotates correctly

    * All armored, wheeled Scout Cars have been changed from Tank to Scout Car, which means they now handle like a car/truck.

    * New coax Machinegun Sounds for Tanks.

    * New tracer effect for plane cannons and the 20mm AA guns

    * New muzzle smoke effect for tanks

    * Increased the splash damage radius and damage for Destroyer, Battleship and Artillery Guns

    * New random Hull skirts for the Panzer IV H

    * New AP shell explosions

    * Maps

    * Revised versions of:

    * New Map

    * 4205-battle_of_the_coral_sea

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