This is the .7 beta release of BattleGroup42. It is a massive Vehicle improvment mod, so if your sick of driving the same old tank to work,...


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This is the .7 beta release of BattleGroup42. It is a massive Vehicle improvment mod, so if your sick of driving the same old tank to work, try this out :p

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BattleGroup42 Mod for Battlefield 1942

This is Beta Release 0.7 of BattleGroup42.

This mod is designed for all game modes (Conquest and 
SinglePlayer/Coop, Campaign and Instant Battle)

NOTE: The Windows install program will default to 
installing in your Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield1942
\Mods directory - edit this directory during the install 
if you have Battlefield1942 installed elsewhere.

This mod has three aims, in order of priority:

1) Gameplay
2) Teamwork
3) Historical accuracy, with correct vehicles

This release concentrates on introducing work by the 
Headshot Enterprises / Red Twilight mod team (made up
of Col. Haribo, Multimadman, Gurki, Joc and Myopic Zaitsev).
This includes the following new vehicle and artillery models:

German FlaK 36 ("88") dual purpose anti-aircraft/anti-tank gun
Russian ZIS-2 anti-tank gun
Russian ZIS-3 field gun (with right-click artillery view)
German Hetzer tank destroyer
Russian KV-1S heavy tank
Russian SU-100 tank destroyer
German OpelBlitz truck

To operate the Flak 88:
- left-click for anti-aircraft fire
- right-click for firing against anything else

These new models pave the way for our first custom maps - 
starting with Operation Citadel (the real Kursk) - very soon.

There are also two new vehicles from DaCrapper:

Sherman Firefly tank
Achilles IIC tank destroyer

The 88, ZIS and KV-1S are currently on Kursk, the Hetzer, Firefly
and Achilles are on Market Garden, the OpelBlitz is on Kharkov,
and the SU-100 is on Berlin.

As a general change, damage from hand grenades has been reduced (by 
about 20% against light armour to about 50% against heavy armour).
Damage from bazookas/panzerschreks is unchanged.

Note the previous release included an 'Easter Egg' - the KV2 super-
heavy tank (one of which stopped a German division for 2 days).
This was due to be made available via a custom map which has not
yet been finished. It has therefore been included in this release
on the Kharkov map (multiplayer and singleplayer/coop modes).

The next releases will aim to diversify the mod and introduce
new infantry weapons - from the Weapons of War mod which recently
merged with BG42 - and new aircraft.

For further details visit our website:

This mod has been designed for Battlefield 1942 Version 1.4.

To run, go into Custom Game, select BattleGroup070 and 
click Activate.

If you have BG-Teamwork or an earlier Battlegroup42 installed, 
please uninstall via Settings/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs 
(you may also need to delete the Battlefield 1942/Mods/
BG-Teamwork or Battlegroup folder as DICE put a log file 
in there when it's run).

The mod introduces appropriate vehicles as the war progresses
and should ideally be played (at least once) in chronological

Desert (95% complete): Battleaxe, Gazala, Aberdeen, Tobruk, El Alamein
Russia (90% complete): Stalingrad, Kharkov, Kursk, Berlin
Pacific (40% complete): Wake, Midway, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima
Europe (80% complete): Omaha, Bocage, Market Garden, Bulge

Although this mod is the first to introduce
the correct historical vehicles for maps, it is not 
primarily a realism mod - it does not introduce one-shot
kills or take away the engineer's wrench.

This version retains existing Teamwork features such as 
strengthened infantry APCs with the ability to repair tanks
and other vehicles and the ability for the Panzer II 
and Stuart light tanks to spot for artillery (right-click in 
position 2). For those who haven't found it yet, you can fire
smoke grenades from the King Tiger (right-click in position 2).

For further details please visit our website and/or our forums
at and

Please give us feedback!

       	Panzaman, Vimeous, DaCrapper, Haribo
	Gimli, Gurki, Joc, Multimadman, Myopic Zaitsev, Seven
        and the rest of the crew

All rights in BattleGroup42 reserved.
All rights and trademarks of other parties acknowledged.


Music: Jon 'Hoolak' Hudson

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