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From News Release: This release concentrates on maps starting with Kursk (June 1943) where the previous release finished. The new...


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From News Release:

This release concentrates on maps starting with Kursk (June 1943) where the previous release finished. The new vehicles in 0.5 are as follows:

German: King Tiger tank, Panther tank (D and A versions), Panzer IV tank (F Special and H versions), Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer, sIG33 fixed artillery. American: Jumbo assault tank, M36 Jackson tank destroyer, M2A1 fixed howitzer British: Crusader I cruiser tank, Bishop self-propelled artillery

Also the Stuart light tank, which was in the previous release, has been recoded so it can spot for Allied artillery in the same way as the Panzer II light tank can for Axis artillery.

Typical vehicles in maps are now as follows: Desert: Panzer II light, Panzer III medium and Panzer IV heavy tanks plus Bison artillery vs. Stuart light, Crusader medium, and Matilda heavy tanks plus Bishop artillery Russia: Panzer IV and Panther tanks plus Bison artillery vs. T34-76 and KV1 tanks plus improved Katyusha artillery Europe: Panther and King Tiger tanks, Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer plus sIG33 artillery vs Sherman and Jumbo tanks and M36 tank destroyer plus M2A1 artillery

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BattleGroup42 Mod for Battlefield 1942
This is Pre-Beta Release 0.5 of BattleGroup42.
This mod is designed for all game modes (Conquest and 
SinglePlayer-Coop, Campaign and Instant Battle)
NOTE: The Windows install program will default to 
installing in your Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield1942
\Mods directory - edit this directory during the install 
if you have Battlefield1942 installed elsewhere.
This mod has three aims, in order of priority:
1) Gameplay
2) Teamwork
3) Historical accuracy, with correct vehicles
This release concentrates on the BF1942 maps after Kursk 
(mid-1943) which is where the previous release finished.
It adds the correct vehicles to each map, and features some
of the most interesting and popular vehicles such as:
German: Panther, King Tiger, Jagdpanzer IV, sIG howitzer
US: Jumbo assault tank, M36 tank destroyer, M2A1 howitzer
British: Crusader I, Bishop artillery
The mod introduces appropriate vehicles as the war progresses
and should ideally be played (at least once) in chronological
Desert (95% complete): Battleaxe, Gazala, Aberdeen, Tobruk, El Alamein
Russia (80% complete): Stalingrad, Kharkov, Kursk, Berlin
Pacific (40% complete): Wake, Midway, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima
Europe (70% complete): Omaha, Bocage, Market Garden, Bulge
Although this mod is believed to be the first to introduce
the correct historical vehicles for maps, it is not 
primarily a realism mod - it does not introduce one-shot
kills or take away the engineer's wrench.
This version retains existing Teamwork features such as 
strengthened infantry APCs with the ability to repair tanks
and other vehicles. It also adds the ability for the Panzer II 
and Stuart light tanks to spot for artillery.
There are too many changes in this release to list individually 
- please visit our website and/or our forums at and
Note the previous release included an 'Easter Egg' - the KV2 super-
heavy tank (one of which stopped a German division for 2 days).
This was due to be made available via a custom map which has not
yet been finished. It has therefore been included in this release
when Kharkov is played in singleplayer or coop mode - this may 
change in a later release once the custom map is available.
The next release will concentrate on late war maps and 
introduce some more new vehicles including the Churchill, 
Brummbar, SU-85, IS-2, and others. However, future releases
will also aim to develop further other areas of the mod
including infantry weapons and aircraft.
For further details visit our website:
This mod has been designed for Battlefield 1942 Version 1.4.
To run, go into Custom Game, select BattleGroup050 and 
click Activate.
If you have BG-Teamwork or an earlier Battlegroup42 installed, 
please uninstall via Settings/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs 
(you may also need to delete the Battlefield 1942/Mods/
BG-Teamwork or Battlegroup42 folder as DICE put a log file 
in there when it's run).
Please give us feedback!
       Panzaman, Vimeous, DaCrapper, Gimli, Seven
       and the rest of the crew
All rights in BattleGroup42 reserved.
All rights and trademarks of other parties acknowledged.

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