BattleGroup42 Beta 0.9x to 0.98 Update - Client

This is beta release 0.98 of BattleGroup42. It requires 0.90, 0.95 or 0.96 to be installed already


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This is beta release 0.98 of BattleGroup42. It requires 0.90, 0.95 or 0.96 to be installed already

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Download 'bg9xto98.exe' (180.67MB)


This is Beta Release 0.98 of BattleGroup42. It requires 0.9 to already be installed, and can upgrade to 0.98 from 0.9, 0.95 or 0.96. 
It is intended for Battlefield 1942 version 1.6, and is primarily concerned with incorporating DICE's 1.6 content into BG42. It does, however, include some significant gameplay changes and new content. 

Zip install - unzip to \Battlefield 1942\Mods\ folder 
EXE install - select \Battlefield 1942\ folder 

If you enjoy it, please donate a BG42 screenshot to our forum: 

New content 

Small-arms: Bren LMG for British and Canadian assault classes (Canadians have same equipment as British) 
Johnson LMG for US Marines on GavutuIsland (the only occasion when the Johnson saw any significant combat service) 

Vehicles: Sexton artillery (with Bren AAMG), Lynx (with Bren for passenger), Dingo (British version of Lynx), Kettenkrad (without MG as it never had one) and Pak40. All vehicles now have historically correct armour values (and projectiles, where appropriate). 

Aircraft: Ilyushin Il-2 

Maps: Liberation of Caen (DICE) and GavutuIslands (Truspe) 

Vehicle Skins: Complete unwrap and reskin of Matilda and CrusaderIII. Also Dingo (desert and European) and British Sexton, Canadian ShermanFirefly, Kettenkrad (desert and snow), Pak40 (desert and snow), Ilyushin (snow), P-39 (snow) 

Other Skins: British and Canadian soldiers, British paras (with para helmets) on MarketGarden, Johnson LMG, German para helmets 

Gameplay Changes 

Vehicles: all vehicles now have correct weight, tanks now have correct relative historical turret traverse times (2/3 of real-life values), CrusaderIII has twin Lewis AA MGs 
Zoom: Heavy tanks increased from 10% to 15%; tank destroyers and anti-tank guns increased from 10% to 30% (e.g. Jagdpanther, SU-85, SU-100, etc.); 10% zoom given to assault guns (SU-122, StuGIII) 
Small-arms: British AT now has Auto5 shotgun (Engineer reverts to No4) 
Artillery spotting: added to Lynx, Dingo, StaghoundIII and Puma 
General: reduced damage from aircraft to vehicles (to cut down on 'kamikaze' tactics), improved handling on vehicles and aircraft, bombloads on aircraft, moved paraspawn on OMG (to stop roof landing). 

Enhancements & Bug fixes 

King Tiger has real engine sounds, exhaust smoke effect, and increased duration on smoke grenades 
Reduced in-aircraft sound volumes 
SturmgeschutzIII has added Schuerzen (skirt) armour plates 
Improved AI on IS-2 
Corrected armour values on mantlets (Achilles, M10, M36, Firefly and Jumbo); shadows on Sexton, Lynx and Puma; improved 0.95 tank gunsight; AI support for PIAT; turret unwrap on T34-76; Puma MG moved from hull to coax; Lynx/Dingo increased mouselook for driving in reverse; Pak40 sounds fixed; overheating balanced on Lewis MGs; StaghoundAA reloading fixed; projectile splash reduced on Bison, KV-2 and sIG33; zoom removed from Priest; Jagdpanther returned to 1 position vehicle; improved KV-2 cockpit view; various vehicle icons and mini-map icons and map thumbnails fixed. 

The Battlegroup42 mod is designed for all game modes: 
Multiplayer: Conquest, Capture the Flag (CTF) and Team 
Deathmatch (TDM) 
SinglePlayer: Coop, Campaign, and Instant Battle. 

It will be activated automatically when connecting to an online BG42 server. To run in singleplayer or start a server, go into Custom Game, select BattleGroup42 and click Activate. 
To run directly make a shortcut (or copy the one for standard BF1942) and set the 'Target' as follows (changing as appropriate for your install folder): 

"C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\BF1942.exe" +game Battlegroup42 

and use ChangeIcon to point it at the BG42icon in the Battlegroup42 folder. 

This mod aims to improve on the original BF1942 by putting in missing vehicles, aircraft and hand weapons, and making the maps more historically accurate, without sacrificing gameplay. 
It is not primarily a realism mod - it does not favour one-shot kills or take away the engineer's wrench. 

To those new to Battlegroup42, here are some tips: 

1) APCs are crucial to teamwork - they repair tanks and other vehicles as well as giving health and ammo. The APC driver has a mouselook ability, and can even look round to see his teammates in the back (good clan screenshots welcomed!). There are extra APCs added to most of the original maps, and they 
stay around for longer (so you can use them as mobile supply points). 
2) Light tanks like the Panzer II, M3Stuart and StuartI can spot for artillery (right-click in position 2). 
3) The King Tiger can fire smoke grenades to conceal itself (right-click in position 2). 
4) The FlaK36 ('88') is dual fire - left-click against aircraft and right-click against tanks. 
5) Some mobile artillery is fully operated by one player (e.g. British Bishop and German Bison) and can be turned to a new direction even while in the artillery view. 
6) There is a lot of fixed artillery so make use of it. Howitzers and field guns like the US M2A1 Howitzer, German sIG33 and Russian ZIS-3 have right-click artillery view; anti-tank guns like the ZIS-2AT do not. 

Known Bugs and Issues: 
4106-Operation_Barbarossa does not have bot support in this version but will in a later version 
The PIAT reload animation has no projectile 
There are some graphical issues with the trackset on the KV tanks 

For further information on the Battlegroup42 mod please visit our website and/or our forum. 

Please give us feedback! 

The Battlegroup42 Team 


Gameplay changes: 
All tanks and anti-tank guns now have a fixed (low-power) zoom 
Heavy tanks have gunsights 
APCs have lowered MG positions and use ironsights 
Jagdpanther tank destroyer has high-powered (x2.5) zoom in second, gunner's position 
Infantry small-arms, MGs and bazookas have increased damage 
Aircraft power has been rebalanced 
Tank projectiles have reduced damage against armour greater than they could penetrate in real life 

New vehicles in 0.95: 

Ground: StaghoundIII armoured car, Staghound AA, Brummbaer assault gun, 
Ostwind AA, M16_MGMC (and M17_MGMC version) AA, M21 Mortar Carrier, 
SU-85 tank destroyer, SU-122 assault gun, M5A1 APC (for Russians) 

Ground Attack Aircraft: German Ju87G Kannonenvogel, Russian P-39Airacobra 

New maps in 0.95: 

BarkmannsCorner (with bot support) 
KharkovWinter (by L3-dOg) 
OperationVarsity (by Zara5ustra) 
CarpathianDefense (by Demize99) 
Korsun (by LtHavoc and Fritz) 

All rights in BattleGroup42 reserved. 
All rights and trademarks of other parties acknowledged. 


P39: =]BcBG[= Marie-Solange 
P47: Snerdley 
Lancaster: Amaccann 
Me262: Ages120 
CTF changes: Falke-9te 
Music: Jon 'Hoolak' Hudson 
Some ambient sounds: Kookie

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