BattleGroup42 Mod for Battlefield 1942

BattleGroup42 Mod for Battlefield 1942

This is Alpha release 0.20 of BattleGroup42 (and re...


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BattleGroup42 Mod for Battlefield 1942

This is Alpha release 0.20 of BattleGroup42 (and replaces BG-Teamwork 0.15).

This mod has three aims, in order of priority:

1) Gameplay 2) Teamwork 3) Historical accuracy

This release concentrates on the BF1942 maps up until Kursk in 1943 and adds the correct vehicles to each map. For the Germans these include the German Panzer II, Panzer III, Bison one-man artillery and Hanomag Flak half-track. For the British these include the Crusader, Matilda and Stuart tanks. For the Russians these include the KV1 heavy tank and a corrected T34-76.

The mod introduces appropriate vehicles as the war progresses and should ideally be played (at least once) in chronological order.

Desert (90% complete): Battleaxe, Tobruk, Gazala, Aberdeen, El Alamein Russia (60% complete): Stalingrad, Kharkov, Kursk Pacific (30% complete): Wake, Midway, Guadalcanal

Although this mod is believed to be the first to introduce the correct historical vehicles for maps, it is not primarily a realism mod - it will not introduce one-shot kills or take away the engineer's wrench.

This version retains existing Teamwork features such as strengthened infantry APCs with the ability to repair tanks and other vehicles. It also adds the ability for the German Panzer II light tank to spot for artillery.

There are two many changes in this release to list individually - please visit our website and/or our forum at

Note this release includes an 'Easter Egg' - the KV2 super- heavy tank (one of which stopped a German division for 2 days). Details of how to activate it will be released at a later date...

The next release will concentrate on late war maps and introduce many new vehicles including the King Tiger, Churchill, Panther, Jumbo, Brummbar, Jagdpanzer, SU-85 and others.

For further details visit our website:

This mod has been designed for Battlefield 1942 Version 1.31 but we believe it should work correctly with 1.4 when that is released (if in doubt please visit our website or forum to confirm).

If you have BG-Teamwork 0.15 installed, please uninstall via Settings/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs (you may also need to delete the Battlefield 1942/Mods/BG-Teamwork folder as DICE put a log file in there when it's run).

This mod is designed for all game modes (Conquest and SinglePlayer-Coop, Campaign and Instant Battle)

To run, go into Custom Game, select BattleGroup42 0.2 and click Activate.

Please give us feedback!

Panzaman, Vimeous, DaCrapper, Gimli, Seven and the rest of the crew

All rights in BattleGroup42 reserved. All rights and trademarks of other parties acknowledged.

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