Battlegroup42 v1.40 to v1.41 Client Patch

Battlegroup42 1.4 to 1.41 Client Patch - 20th of May 2008



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Battlegroup42 1.4 to 1.41 Client Patch - 20th of May 2008

Map Fixes/Changes:

- fixed the aipathfinding.con of 4411-huertgen_forest

- fixed the controlpoints on guadalcanal (CPs on both hills need TWO soldiers to be captured)

- some minor fixes made to liberation_of_caen

- changed the airfield on market_garden to neutral, can only be captured by the british

- fixed the controlpoints on 4504-crossing_the_spree (spelling errors)

- changed the beach controlpoint on 4409-operation_stalemate to be captureable by team 2 only

- lowered sandbag at eastern fence on 4202-tracking_the_wolves

- moved the soldierspawn inside the pushcage on 4412-noville outside of the pushcage

- fixed pushmode on 4301-velikye_luki

- fixed spawntime of pushcages on 4207-kokoda_path

- added BG42 Objective Mode to battle_of_britain

- changed heightmap for 4106-halfaya_pass (Conquest mode only)

- fixed spawntimes for pushcages on 4106-halfaya_pass

- added the missing lightmaps on 4504-seelow_heights

- removed the parachutes because of constant bailing to capture flags from:

4004-narvik 4005-grebbeberg 4201-rabaul 4205-operation_ironclad 4306-operation_corkscrew 4307-prokhorovka 4408-mont_st_michel 4409-hells_highway 4503-paderborn 4701-antarctica

Code Fixes/Changes:

- fixed the Panzer III projectile position

- fixed the targeter of the Flakvierling

- increased the maximum elevation of the dual Oerlikon to 80 degrees

- reactivated exhaust effects on all ships

- increased speed and maneuverability of the Mosquito

- changed "M3ScoutCar" to "White M3 Scout Car" in lexiconall.dat

- added missing entries in lexiconall.dat

- fixed Wirbelwind gun sounds

- increased the rudder rotation on LCTs

- fixed wrong seat animation on Sherman Calliope

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