BattleLoader V1.0

This is one very useful program if you have too many mods!

Also its very useful if you don't know how to make shortcuts for your mods. J...


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This is one very useful program if you have too many mods!

Also its very useful if you don't know how to make shortcuts for your mods. Just click and you can play your mod easily!

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Q: What is BattleLoader?

A: BattleLoader will be the only shortcut for Battfield you will ever need on your desktop. BattleLoader will keep track of all the mods that you have installed on your computer and will allow you do play them with a click of a button. No more need for making your own shortcuts for the new mods that come out. No need to have 10+ shortcuts on your desktop for all your Battlefield Mods. When you can have one shortcut utility that will play all your mods.

Q: What are BattleLoader's Features

*Will display all the mods installed on your computer. It doesn't matter if it is your own mod or a popular mod like Desert Combat. BattleLoader Recognizes all of them!

*Connect to game servers on the fly! BattleLoader will have the capability for you to specify an ip address to your favorite server and connect to it with a click of the button.

*Will display a Mod version and more. Don't know what patch to get for to update ur mod because you don't know what version it is? BattleLoader will display the version of the mod for you.

*Disables intro movie

*Over 30 links/shortcuts to things in the Battlefield Community. Including Battlefield websites, mods, and IRC chatrooms

*In future versions, BattleLoader will come with some of the hottest Mini-Mods such as InstaGib and DC Secret Weapons. Contact me if you would like your mod in BattleLoader.

*Deletion of Mods. Easily delete mods you don't want no more. It will also help you from making deletion mistakes.

*Many more to come.

Q: Will BattleLoader affect gameplay?

A: No BattleLoader will not affect gameplay in any way. It will only be here to your convience when playing a certain game. It is definetly not a trainer or hack.

Q: When will BattleLoader be released?

A: Release has been delayed to put the finishing touches on the program.

Q: Where can i get screenshots of BattleLoader?

A: Look at the top.

Q: What was BattleLoader codec in?

A: BattleLoader is coded in Visual Basic.

Q: What are the requirements of BattleLoader?

A: Only and PC and Battlefield 1942 is required.

Q: How can i help with BattleLoader?

A: You can submit to me the following items:

*URL's to Fansites, Official Sites, Mod's Sites, Tournaments, Clan Sites, etc.
*IRC chatrooms for the above.
*Any Ideas for upcoming versions
*Artwork of any kind

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