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This is the complete mod...the file poster inserted the new textures.rfa for you.


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This is the complete mod...the file poster inserted the new textures.rfa for you.

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Download 'bcbg_plane_mod_fixed.zip' (5.17MB)

What's in there:

This mini-mod adds and replace many planes in the Gazala map. It is compatiblewith BF1942 v1.3 and RtR addon pack.

 -Macchi Mc205 Veltro, an italian plane that was built around 1943. A really good warplane but only 262 of those were built.
 -Lockheed Lightning P38, which was intended to be a fighter and which in fact made a wide range of missions all along the war.

 -Boulton P82 Paul Defiant that was made by Gareth "Section8" Davies. I just changed some features to make it flies better.
 -Spitfire now is a pure fighter with four 7.7mm guns and two 20mm as secondary weapon.
 -Bf109 is changed as the spitfire with two 12.7mm guns and a 30mm as secondary weapon.
 -B17 has now five guns positions the two turrets of the original model two browning along the fuselage and a double browning in the tail.

NB: there is still some problems of texture on the Mc205 and P38 that will be removed later...
Spitfire and Bf109 secondary weapons can damage armoured units.

How to install:

First uncompress the zip file into your battlefield Mods folder (generally ...\BF1942\Mods)

Second make a new shortcut to your BF1942.exe file. Then into the properties replace the target line "...\BF1942\BF1942.exe" with "...\BF1942\BF1942.exe +game BcBG" 

Third whenever you want you can also copy the folders Movies and Music from the ...\BF1942\Mods\bf1942 folder to your ...\BF1942\Mods\Bcbg Folder. If you don't do that you could expierence some sounds problems.

Fourth double-click on the new shortcut you just made and have fun... 


Tout d'abord décompressez le fichier zip dans le répertoire mods de Battlefield (généralement ...\BF1942\Mods)

Ensuite créez un nouveau raccourci pour le fichier bF1942.exe. Puis dans les propriétes du fichier modifiez la ligne cible "...\BF1942\BF1942.exe" par "...\BF1942\BF1942.exe +game BcBG" 

De plus, vous pouvez recopier les répertoires Movies et Music inclus dans ...\BF1942\Mods\bf1942 dans votre répertoire ...\BF1942\Mods\Bcbg. sinon vous risquez d'avoir quelques problemes de son. 

Enfin il ne vous reste plus qu'à double-cliquer sur l'icône du raccourci que vous venez de créer.

Disclaimer	: These files are distributed as freeware, and without warranty of any kind, expressed or 
		implied.  This software has been tested and is believed to be without defect. However, by
		installing this software, you agree that you shall not hold the developer liable for any 
		subsequent computer or system failure, hardware or software related.

Made by =]BcBG[=Marie-Solange c2003

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