Berlin: Jeeps & Kugels map

This map switches out the tanks and addes jeeps, and rocket trucks ;)



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This map switches out the tanks and addes jeeps, and rocket trucks ;)



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Berlin Jeeps - v.8

This is the same Berlin map included with the retail version of the game with a few changes.
The tanks have been removed, there are now 4 jeeps for the allies, 4 Kugels for the Axis, and 1 Artillery for each team (the truck with the rockets).  

Just copy BerlinJeeps.rfa into your bf1942\archives\bf1942\levels\ folder

It's version .8 because there are still a few issues to resolve.  
  -I can't get my custom load screen to load.
  -I need to see how the removal and additions of vehicles affects the strategies used.
  -With the addition of jeeps and the artillery, it may be worthwhile to put in the tanks     again. 

I've decided to go ahead and release this in its present state so perhaps I can get more feedback on the map and some new ideas to help this mod excel.  

All the game types are still intact.  Even single player (though the bots are no more 
competent than in any of the other maps).

I haven't included the rfa for my custom load screen since as of 2:50 PM 11/10/02
I can't get it to load.

Modder:      Kamikazee Driver
File Info:   Berlin: Jeeps & Kugels
	     Modded Retail Map of Berlin
		-no tanks
		-4 cars per team
		-1 rocket truck per team.
email:       [email protected]
You can find me on the Eye as [BCA] Kamikazee Driver.

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