BF Mesh View v2.0.0

bfmeshview200.zip —


2011-03-14 (version 2.0.0) * fixed BF2/BFH mesh loader crash if material had no texture maps * fixed more alpha rendering glitches * fixed stubborn behavior when closing BfMeshView while loading a file * fixed bug that allowed texture paths to become duplicated * fixed race condition that caused flicker/rendering glitches at startup * fixed incorrect display of number of vertex attributes * fixed potential buffer overflow bugs that could cause UI corruption * fixed buffer overflow in BF1942 StandardMesh loader * added basic workspace file support * added BF2 animation playback * added texture mass-rename tool * added option to skip error checks for sample generator * added scale tool to UV editor * added support for BF2 occluder files * added overdraw visualization * added "fix mesh" tool to zero out NaN vertex attributes * added browse buttons to material editor * added option to change viewport background color * added debug console * added BF1942 StandardMesh shader/texture loading * slightly improved file loading performance * BF2 skeletons are now rendered correctly * UV editor channel dropdown now only lists channels present in mesh * vertex attribute info now includes attribute types * changed file association keys so that files can be properly sorted by extension in Explorer/WinZip * when generating samples the user will now be prompted if the file already exist * more drag and drop support for BF2 skeleton+mesh+animation combo * slightly improved tree view structure display


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