BF Pro 0.8 Client



I'm pleased to announce that BfPro .8 is now offficially out. The new patch focused on gameplay changes and spicing things up rather than custom maps. We changed the ifnantry setting to be closer to 1.2 days. We tried to balance out the engy vs tanker battles. We also added some cool new additions from merciless creations.



Map fixes:
- Kursk = Fixed invisible rock settings
- Baxe = removed arty all together
- Stalingrad = Train cars around center flag were lowered to prevent expack explosion going through the train car.
- Island Warfe = Upgraded

Infantry settings:
- Increase BAR, STG and DP accuracy but not power 
- Increase engi bolt action and sniper rifle power 
- Lower the throw distance of mines by half 
- Increase number of mines by 2 

New sounds:
-B17 engine sounds --- The vanilla B17 was very, very quiet 
-Soldier walking sounds --- Different footstep sounds on different terrain 
-Defgun firing sound --- It sounds appropriate 
-Ricochet sounds --- Bullets bouncing off tanks and buildings is amazing 
-Bazooka firing sounds --- Not much of a change. Sounds good, though 
-Water ricochet sounds --- Sounds great 

New textures:
Too many to list. Lots of changes from winter kharkov and stalin to some camoflauged defguns and bunkers ground textures tank textures the works.

No, your system should not lag anymore than normal We added a couple sounds, but not that many. All the textures replace existing textures.

We are looking into releasing a mappack in about a month.

I do hope you all enjoy the new patch.

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