Bf1918 Full Update 1.45

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Hey Soldiers! Bf1918 is here to rock your world! Sorry if it was late. Great Job Bf1918 Dev Team and Good Luck on other mods! Happy Fragging Everyone!



Changelog from Version 1.30 to Version 1.45:

Players and weapons:

Chauchat and MG 08/15: updated and reballanced 
New playerclass: Officer 
New grenades for French Pioneer 
All weapons: new rangebased damage system 
All weapons: shorter reloadtimes for singleshots, longer reloadtimes for magazine change 
K88 and Berthier included as weapons for Pioneer class 
New playerclass for special occasions: Combat Patrol 
Pickelhaube and French Officers cap included 
Geballte Ladung: new explosion 

Whissle for Officer class included 
New sounds for French Pioneer grenades 
MG 08/15: sound updated 
Chauchat: sound updated 
PomPom: sound updated 
Geballte Ladung: sound updated 

Albatros CIII included 
Breguet B14 B2 with two skins included 
Wreck lifespan made longer 
Hitpoints on tanks slightly increased 
Artillerybattery with five guns included 
LeBaudy artillery function greatly improved 
Fieldguns: weight changed 
Respawntimes of all tanks decreased 
PomPom rate of fire increased and damage decreased 
All guns and mortar projectiles: new physically correct flightpath 
Airplanebombs: new physically correct rate of descent 
Grenades: several explosioneffects changed 
Wrecks: new wrecks for several vehicles 
Collisions: several fixes 
Airplanes vs tanks/armoured cars: kamikaze made useless, landinggear bug fixed 
Zeppelin handling improved, hitpoints increased 
Zeppelin L30: bombdamage changed 
Zeppelin L30: two more MG's included 
Aitrplane collisiondamage on zeppelin fixed 
Wheeled vehicles: new physics and front wheel drive 
Barrage balloons with collisionmodel included 
FT-17: new icon for turnable turret 
Several vehicles: agility changed 

Bocage: Albatros CIII and Breguet B14 B2 included 
Vitry: updated 
Nebelberg: new map 
Langemarck: flagbugs fixed 
Chemin de Dame: French 155er included 
Mount Kemmel: updated 
Aubee de Soiree: updated 
Kursk: updated and for BF1918 adapted 
Toska Airbattle: ticketcount adapted, co-op included, barrage balloons included 
Hillbilly2: Map updated 
Nuit d'Orage: thunder sound fixed 
Sere de Riveres: slightly updated 
Champ de Feu: updated, bridges fixed, artilleriebattery with five guns included 
New briefings for all maps 

Sniper: with the changes to all guns, the damage is now calculated through the range, so the Sniper now does less damage over greater distances 
Overall ballancing and improvements 
Backupfiles removed

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