BF1918 MR 2.5 Public Alpha Installer Part 1 of 2



We, one of the most successful modifications for BF 1942, want to say goodbye to the old engine with a big bang. All fans of Battlefield 1918 will get a final download of the fresh version 2.5.

Compared to the last release 2.02, we refreshed some older maps and put them back into the mod. Additionally, we worked hard to increase the stability, decrease the memory consumption, improve the bot-support and, most important, reworked the balancing. Many thanks to the guys from BF:SP. We corrected the flag-bonus: in the future, you will receive only 3 point for capturing a flag.

The final version is the complete end of the development and we will not offer any further updates. Therefore, version 2.5 has to be perfect!

That’s why we need your help! The feedback from the gaming community is more important than any beta-testing-team. We decided to develop a pre-release:

The alpha version is a public beta test and we recommend it only for those who wish to help us killing bugs. There is no such thing as a guarantee for perfection, but it is your chance to influence how the final version of BF1918 will look like. The forum is a perfect place for your feedback!

Our fan- and esports-page Inside1918.net, which will host a 32 slot-server, accompanies the beta test. Tuesday will see a big testing event that guarantees for a full server. For those who whish to host a server, there is a 40 mb-package.

We thank all participants for their interest and hope to present you a perfect version in two weeks on the BFCon06. After four years of developing for BF1942, we are going to fully focus on BF2.


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