BF1942 5vs5 Infantry Mod



This is a 5v5 infantry competition mod designed for TeamWarfare's 5v5 League. Several all new maps converted for smooth infantry gameplay such as Fall of Berlin.



Grenade radius has been changed to half of what it was due to many complaints that it was too large for the 5v5 infantry arena. Transparent, BFPro style, spawns were used since most of the Battlefield community prefers them over standard Battlefield 1942 style.

Bocage's bridges are now uncappable, the windmill has a flag in it, and a new flag, the watermill, has been added.

Caen has a blown up mini map and transparent spawns.

Fall of Berlin has changed spawns, with 3 cappable spawns and 2 needed to get the bleed. Also a blown up minimap for easier navigation.

Also many others such as Abandoned City, Battleaxe, Berlin, Berlin Midnight, Kharkov, and Stalingrad. This is a must for all avid infantry fans.

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