BF1942 Match Mappack V1.0

bf1942_match_mappack_v1.0.exe —


The initial idea behind this mappack was to futher expand the Battlefield 1942 universe with four more high quality maps, one from each of the theaters of war. In this quest we felt it was vital that all four maps added something unique to the game, be it in the form of custom objects, layout, setting or over all feeling, without loosing the original game play that is associated with Battlefield series. With these goals in mind, we sat down and looked through all the original maps, trying to figure out what types of map we thought were missing. It was in this process that the four maps started to take form. For Faid Pass we felt we wanted to create an allround map in Africa that added the US Army to this theater. In Operation Forager we wanted to create an infatry based map in the Pacific theater that would also feature the PT boats from Invasion of the Philippines. We also wanted to create a more gloomy feel for this map, deviating from the high blue skies and white sands found in the other pacific maps. The Great Pursuit fullfilled our wishes to create a tankbased map for the East European theater and also create an assault styled map instead of the head-on game style. Finally, with Remagen we wanted to bring into play a classic battle from WW2 that we felt should rightfully have a place in the Battlefield 1942 universe.


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