BF1942 Strategy Manager v1.0

The BF1942 Strategy Manager is a very simple system which combines miniature pictures of every vehicle in BF1942 along with blown up maps...


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tbstrat_man.jpg The BF1942 Strategy Manager is a very simple system which combines miniature pictures of every vehicle in BF1942 along with blown up maps of every battle in BF1942. All you have to do is thow some vehicles onto the maps and draw a few arrows and you can easily show anyone what the plan is.

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Strategy Manager v1.0

All you need to become an elite strateigic mind is MSPaint (and well.. some other things too..)  :)

Directions: First unzip the file with its respective folder on, anywhere you wish to keep it on your computor.
There are miniature pictures of every vehicle in Battlefield 1942 for each country in thier respective 
folder.  IE: American Sherman tank is in the American folder inside the Allies folder.  There is a large scale map
of each battle in the Maps folder.  What you do is you open up one of the maps that perhaps your team has a match on soon.
You then open another MSpaint (im sure there are other ways but this is easiest).  Open the vehicle you want and crop it by
hitting ctrl+A on your keyboard.  Then either hit Ctrl+C or right click on the image and select copy.  Next just switch back
to the MSPaint that you have open with the map. And paste in the vehicles.  If you want to make the vehicles facing 
certain directions, then before you select them with Ctrl+A just go to the Image toolbar, the select "Flip/Rotate"
Its that simple!

I will be working on a better version with all of the infantry for each country including each class of infantry.
Also i do understand that if you want the vehicles to look flush like in my example you must edit the image and
delete any white parts around the vehicle before you copy and paste. If you do want to do this then make sure that
you have the "cut/paste colors only" option selected.  This is represented by 2 boxes ont he bottom of the Imaging tools
toolbar.  Select the bottom one where it displays objects being pasted only as the other one shows objects with backrounds.
The next version will have all flush vehicles as well.

I decided to do all this one LONG night when i got really bored and my normal write up strategies were being complained about
by fellow teamates saying they were too hard to understand.  You can use this to display several timeframes in a battle,
starting positions, mid game positions, direction of troops, rally points ect.. ect.. ect..

I hope you enjoy this as its an invaluable tool for any team that uses strategy and pre-game planning.

Strategy Manager v1.0 Created by DarkAngel of the Vex Ubiquity Project.
Comments, questions suggestions?


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