I've pretty much finished with the stupid thing, it's not ground-breaking but it is kinda fun and adds a bit to certain maps. It's called BFI_Mod and adds a decent DD Sherman to some maps, a six-PCO B17 to others and destroyers with AA to some more.



The bots do pretty well with the DD Shermans, driving them in the water when the need arises, and launching them from the destroyers quite nicely. I couldn't get them to work with the AA on the destroyers, for some reason, it crashes when I enable the AI code, so I took it out and the AA is for players only. I also modified the destroyers so you can jump from any gun position to any other, including the AA and MG positions. Makes it handy to chase down those pesky planes.

They also use the guns on the B17, and it's nice to have three extra positions to shoot from.

Hope everyone likes it, I've had fun making it and it would be great to get it online sometime (hint)

Maps included:

DD Sherman:
Omaha Beach, Peenemunde, Telemark and Hellendoorn (replaces water buffalo on the SW maps), Midway SP only.

Bocage, Gazala, Market Garden and El Alamein

Destroyer with AA:
Husky, Guadal Canal, Midway, Wake

Oh yeah, an important note, you must have both Secret Weapons and Road to Rome installed for this mod to work, otherwise it will crash.

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