BFNL Forgotten Hope Movie Edition



This is the latest product of BFNL. This mod allows you to use the same features of the Movie Mod in Forgotten Hope. Download this now and show the community your movie-making skills!



Run the installer to install this mod, and then select the mod from your Modifications Menu.
- All vehicles have 2 arm cameras, available on the seats on top of its orginal seat(s). A 3d Orbit camera, and a rolling camera.

- Most of all kits have a camerakit in their weaponary. Throw the kit in front of you, and switch kits like you normally do. Now you are camera-class.

- All kits have the parachute enabled

-Dead bodies stay for five minutes for you to play with.
Tip: after quite some dead in a short time, it’s advisable to restart the map to avoid lagg, which can be caused by too many bodies.

-Added ammo-supply to the freecams and to all vehicles.

-Added health-supply to the freecams, so when you’re near a freecam, you’ll get healed, and the same goes for all vehicles.

- Added brakes to the freecams, so when you stop input, the cam stops in a nice smooth way.

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