Here is the virus free version of this awesome map.


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Here is the virus free version of this awesome map.

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Please note a few things about this map: Since this map is designed for Beta 3, we've had to change a few things to make it work with the current release version of Pirates. The damage and weapons aren't quite the same as they will be because we had to use existing Alpha.21 materials. This is all working in final version, along with additional effects, models, and so on. Even with the limitations of .21, the testing team has had endless hours of fun with this one, which is why we chose it for release. If you find some part of it to not be quite right, there is no need to report it, since it is most likely that we already have it fixed.

A further word about the balloon controls: THIS DOES NOT FLY LIKE AN AIRPLANE OR HELICOPTER! The balloons are a completely different kind of vehicle. When flying, you are constantly moving forward and falling, simulating wind and the cooling of the airbag. You can give yourself a boost by hitting your fire button (by default) and you can turn left and right. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun.

PLEASE READ THE README that comes up during installation. The controls are mapped to your "air" controls page by default. If you've changed them, you may have to bind one of the two slots differently to make them work. If you don't check your controls, it may not work as expected. Please also ignore the vehicle arrow that doesn't change direction in the minimap. This is a limitation of the unit. We have a workaround that you will see when Beta 3 comes out.

Also look for the "Balloon Buster" anti-balloon gun. You'll know it when you see it. It is the first of the "Volley Guns" and has five barrels. For best effect, hold down the fire button until all barrels have fired, at which point reloading will commence.

This map requires Battlefield: Alpha.21.

The map is in rotation on the official server.

IP Address is, Port 14567

Server name is BFPirates/

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