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Hey there soldiers! The BiTurbo Team has released their 1.1 version! This awesome stunt mod packs a punch with some crazy vehicles and out...


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Hey there soldiers! The BiTurbo Team has released their 1.1 version! This awesome stunt mod packs a punch with some crazy vehicles and outstanding ideas! Download it now and enjoy the fun! For screenshots, visit the following link. CLICK HERE! See ya on the battlefield soldiers!

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Download 'biturbov11.exe' (29.52MB)

BiTurboMOD Version 1.1
by hslan.Lotte [GER]
release: 1. August 2004

Delete or rename the old BiTurboMOD Folder before installation of the new version !

Server Admins !
BiTurboMOD only works in SINGLEplayer mode but you can use Bots.
If anyone knows how to fix this problem and run a server with multiple players please let me know.

BiTurboMod is a chaotic Mod for Battlefield 1942 in which most vehicles are equipped with turbo boosters and weapons have been enhanced. Some new vehicles were added.

Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.6 or higher

Delete oder rename the BiTurboMOD folder if any older version exists.
Unzip the file an move the extracted folder called 'BiTurboMOD' to your mods folder.
( Example for correct installation: C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\BiTurboMOD )
Don't rename it with lower cases ! WRONG: biturbomod ! Correct: BiTurboMOD !

Manually delete the BiTurboMOD folder...
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\BiTurboMOD

'Alternate Fire' is used for the forward boosters on all vehicles except the B17, which uses 'Primary Fire'.
Vehicles with reverse boosters (jeep, kubelwagen) are fired with 'Primary Fire'.
The Box (in Der Bocage) will only break down if you use your backwards-key !

Thanks to
[20ID]Enëmy for the basics: TurboMOD 3.2
Carbs for the BiTurboMOD Installer
Pitmatic for the custom map 'Giza'
klenzianer for the custom map 'Battle of the hill'
SystemERRor for the custom map 'Ultra Test'
The warped gunmen for the custom map 'Speed Racer Pro'
=]BcBG[=Marie-Solange for the integrated MC205 and P38
Ages120 for the integrated Me262
NuclearCodfish for the integrated Blazing F4U Corsair
CoolCommander for the integrated Nifty APC
PoKeMoN_frEak for the integrated MOD rocketworld
Colonel Slaine for the integrated M3 Rocket Jock
Colonel Slaine for the integrated Immolator II
SKR|Charles Manson for the integrated Stuntkuebelwagen
Barracuda for the integrated Ju 87 R-2
-w|sh- for the integrated Willy Sport
Rhino592 for the integrated Vietcong Skins
eTiMaGo for the integrated KISS Skins
tha smight for the integrated Box MOD
eTiMaGo for the integrated Black Willy
eTiMaGo for the integrated Hippiewagen
zmatt for the integrated Adolf Galland BF109e
Devil for the integrated Aerobolical
}|BD|{j()k3r570 for the integrated B17 Aluminium Overcast
Hawkeye for the integrated SkyHawk
Unknown for the integrated Warthog and WarthogAT 


The day after version 1.1
release: 1. August 2004
- Game: decreased soldiers speed
- Game: Shinden added
- Game: Skyhawk modified
- Game: M3A1 modified
- Game: Willy modified
- Game: Kubelwagen modified
- Game: Stuka modified
- Game: Warthog+WarthogAT added
- Maps: Kasserine, Giza, Battle of the hill, Ultra Test 
and Speed Racer Pro deleted to safe downloadspace

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