Black Bag ops



blackbagopsbanner This zip includes all three versions : Windows Server Manager, Remote Manager and Linux Server Manager. There is not much to say about this software if you run a server you should be using this nuff said!



Fixed bug causing a timeout delay when refreshing in BFRM 
Fixed bug causing BFSM to restart the map rotation after a server crash 
Fixed problems with certain mod maps not appearing in the maplist 
Fixed bug in BFSMD causing banned players not to be banned 
Added player GUID to the ban entry in the BFRM log 
Fixed bug causing CSV logging to fail in BFSM(D) 
Changed default server type to Internet 
Fixed bug causing "couldn't find current mod from maplist.con, corruptfile?" error 
Added player id column to players-list window 
Fixed bug causing BFSM to attempt console connection when it is disabled 
Fixed bug causing only first adapter IP to be detected in Win2K3 Server 

This release addresses all known issues with beta 4a.

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