"Blue Trim" USS Enterprise

This is a nice Blue Carrier by Azag-Thoth.



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This is a nice Blue Carrier by Azag-Thoth.

Pictures!!! tbUSSEnterBlue.jpg

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Thank you for downloading my new skin for Battlefield 1942.

(I'm assuming everyone has downloaded the RFA EXtractor and etc...)

1. Rename the .dds files you are replacing as ".old" in your texture directory.

2. Download the files into c:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\texture

3. Launch your game and have fun!

                             ~USS Enterprise "Blue Trim"~

Well, because of the way DICE/EA made the skins for ships...it makes them difficult to modify.  I've been using this skin for quite some time to identify the US Carrier from the Japanese from  greater distances.  It's a simple blue trimmed Enterprise skin, but looks nice enough for me to release this to the public.


bile@zoomtown.com  <---Offer ideas on what skins you'd like to see next!
http://home.fuse.net/ninthgate   <----SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!

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