EA/DICE Bot Names version 2.0 March 3, 2003 by HeadHunter -

This mod will change the na...


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EA/DICE Bot Names version 2.0 March 3, 2003 by [MMGN] HeadHunter -

This mod will change the names for your American and German bots. I have used the first and last names of many of the EA and DICE people who worked on the game. If you really love this game, you can consider this a way to pay tribute to all the hard work they did to make this game! If, on the other hand, you love the game but the latest patch has made it worse, here is your chance to shoot them by proxy ;^}

NEW AND IMPROVED: After discussing this with other modders, I have learned how to arrange the lists so that a given first name is always present with its proper surname. Also, I've hidden my name among the American names, now you will have a chance to shoot the developer of THIS mod! :)

Some names have been changed slightly, not to protect the innocent, but simply to better fit their in-game nationality. Only the original five nations have any new names, but if you are playing as or against one of those nations, even on Road to Rome maps, the bots will have the new names.

DISCLAIMERS: BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL GAME.RFA FOLDER BEFORE OVERWRITING! This mod was created in version 1.3, it may work in earlier versions but I can't promise anything. If the game crashes while loading, restore the original game.rfa file.

This file goes in the goes in your \Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942 folder.

Thanks goes out to Subliminal from the MMGN Forums for giving me the idea in the first place, and Pimp_Daddy on the Forums for showing me how to link the first and last names!

Please direct any comments or questions to . Enjoy!

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