Canyon Fodder

---Canyon Fodder--- by --UOcUK|Slaughter--

This is a Battlefield 1942 Conquest map.... (Though it might work fa...


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---Canyon Fodder--- by --UOcUK|Slaughter--

This is a Battlefield 1942 Conquest map.... (Though it might work fairly well in Team Death Match mode..not tested!!)

Canyon Fodder takes place somewhere in Europe, yup it aint based on any real battle!. In a rugged terrain the Germans & British have established air bases, north and south, respectively. The object is simple, take control of as many of the control points as possible, remembering to hold onto them as well, thus dropping your enemy's tickets! There are a range of vehicles to help each team, ranging from heavy bombers, fighters, tanks and jeeps to spare kits, for when you really wish you were carry anti-tank weapons instead of infantry!

Watch out for barrels, they may be containing fuel, so a few stray shots and BOOM

Map contains custom textures and skins.


Control points are -

North Airfield - (Germans) South Town - (British) Island - (Neutral) North Town - (Neutral) Church - (Neutral) Lumber Mill - (Neutral) Windmill - (Neutral)

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Download 'canyon_fodder.rar' (38.36MB)

Installation -
You will need at least 75mb of space free to install this map. (Sorry, tis a bit big I know!)
Use WINRAR - (can be found at - Just unrar the Canyon_Fodder.rfa to the following directory (standard Installation)

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels

Notes -

This map was created by Jules, aka UOcUK|Slaughter of the mighty fine clan UocUK, which can be found on the internet here -
Our server can be access via the following address or by the IP addy of
The clans BF site can be found at

A DC version will be available soon as well, check my website for details

Thanks to
--------- - Great source of help! - Again the forums contain plenty of tips and tricks! - For hosting cool stuff from the BF community!

Tools used were
Battlecraft Public Beta
Photoshop 7
RFA Maker
TGA Splitter
Editor 42

If I do anymore maps they will be on my website here

Contact me at –

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