Catch'e mod vehicle update

this mod updates Feed's Willy & Kubelwagen w/mg, and Recruit Snyders Hanomag_AT but it on;y works for single player


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this mod updates Feed's Willy & Kubelwagen w/mg, and Recruit Snyders Hanomag_AT but it on;y works for single player

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CATCH's MOD VEHICLE UPDATES  (by Catch, [email protected])


-All credit due go's to Recruit Snyder & Feed for there excellent vehicle 
mods(keep'em comin)!
-I've added a few neccesary improvements(not many) so that one day these 
might be used on many servers! (DETAILS BELOW INSTALLATION).

This package contains:
-(sorry! no texture pack for Snyders Hano, I didnt Keep them).
-(sorry! no PanzerIV/Weapons.con to help the hano it made it unfair with 
only the panzerIV & Hanomag having 55 rounds).


-First, make a copy of your Objects.rfa file/rename it(.bak) and put in a 
backup folder.

-Using Ryan Foss's RFA extractor FOLLOW FOSS"S DIRECTIONS!!!


-"Download BattleField Mod development toolkit"(winRFA unpack & RFA Mod 
quick pack v1.1 Included). Use the Mod wizard to create a MYMOD folder. Then 
use winRFA to  open and extract the Objects.rfa file located in your archive 
folder of bf1942 (extract to -> Battlefield1942/mods/"Mymod" folder whatever 
you named it). Then go to Objects/Vehicles/Land and replace the existing 
con files with the modified ones in there respective folders ie. 
hanomag/willy/kubelwagon, and your almost done. Now, Use the (RFA Mod quick 
pack v1.1) located in "Mymod/Archives to pack  the Objects folder to ,rfa 
format. To activate click on it twice, a small window will appear it will 
have buttons wich say pack level and (Pack Folder) with drop down menus 
beside them. From the (Pack Folder drop down menu) choose Objects. Now just 
click Pack Folder and it will pack the folder to .rfa file format directly 
into the MYmod/Archives folder. Now you must replace the Original 
Objects.rfa file with the modified one, If your origanal Objects.rfa file is 
still in the bf1942/Archives folder when you replace it, It will notify you 
to get permission to replace the original file, IF YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE A 
COPY OF IT TO ANOTHER FOLDER you should choose "yes to all" "If you RENAMED 
AND REMOVED IT this prompt will not occur" "IF NOT MAKE A COPY OR 


-Simply delete the modified Objects.rfa file, and replace it with your 
Original file And rename it back to Objects.rfa!


-This Mod is Singleplayer only, ie. IT DOESN'T WORK ON MULTIPLAYER 
SERVERS(unless the same Mod is installed there). If you wish to play On MP 
servers just follow the removal instructions.



***Recruit Snyders Hanomag_AT 7.5cm Features***

-75mm AT main gun (PanzerIV)-primary weapon (left mouse button).
-Coax MG (PanzerIV) for the gunner-secondary weapon (right mouse button).
-Gunner no longer standing.
-Turret (light version), 4 thin steel shields plus top hatch, not meant for 
a beauty contest!
-Turret top hatch to be opened by the gunner with the Arrows up/down keys 
(like the landing craft).
-Reinforced armor(BUT IT'S STILL NOT A TANK!!!!!!!).
-New Maybach engine(*cough* its a little faster then the old one).
-No ammo supply depot for other vehicles (weight???, Ahh...infinite ammo 
-No medical supplies (weight???), ->no healing inside the apc.
-6 seats (driver, gunner plus 4 At infantry-or whoever needs a lift.


-Added a set of vehicle & minimap icons to the driver and passenger_PCO's.

-Added a set of vehicle, PAmmo, SAmmo & minimap icons to the Hanomag_AT_PCO1 
along with a turret icon and crosshair.
-Modified the Hanomag_AT's L/R min & max rotation to fix the problem with FF 
damage to the apc.

-Modified the Pak7,5cm's U/D min & max rotation to fix the other problem 
with FF damage to the apc.
-Modified the coaxial_mg42's Permanent L/R rotation to Align it with the 
crosshair "when i added the crosshair I noticed the mg wasnt shooting were I 
was aiming, it was of by a couple degrees".



***Feed's Willy & Kubelwagen w/mg Features***

-Willy now has a mounted browning on the back (positioned between and 
slightly behind the driver/passenger.
-Kubelwagen now has a mounted mg42 on the back (positioned between and 
slightly behind the driver/passenger.
-Selected by going to the 3rd position ie.default Button, #3 on your 
-Each machine gun is loaded with 500 rounds.


Willy & Kubel:
-Added a set of vehicle & minimap icons to the driver and passenger.

Willy_Browning & Kubel_Mg42:
-Added a set of vehicle, PAmmo & minimap icons to the Willy_Browning along 
with a crosshair.
-Added a Vehicle icon positon to the Willy_Browning(3rd pos. now visible in 

Stationary Browning & Mg42 Point:
-Modified the SPoint's L/R min & max rotation to allow for greater range of 

Stationary Browning & Mg Rotation:
-Modified the SRotation's U/D rotation to be more realistic (Mg's no longer 
go through windshields).


END NOTE: I'm workin on the possibility of having both an Original and 
modified vehicle present on a map. As many Modders know, for now it's not 
possible without crashing the game when trying to load the map!

[email protected]

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