Here is another qualtiy map made by 1st Lt Densloe, keep up the good work Lt.!


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Here is another qualtiy map made by 1st Lt Densloe, keep up the good work Lt.!

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Author: 1st Lt Densloe
Hello and enjoy my Cherbourg map. This map is based on a true battle in the
end of WWII.

"-To Cherbourg a surprise attack was tentatively scheduled for 19 June 1944"

Inspiration for this map was found at:


This map is designed for skilled conquest players. The germans is to defend
the occupied Cherbourg and the allied will by surprice conqure the control
points one by one. It contains a loot of various tactical openings from both
sides. The main battle will probably be won by the skill of assults and anti
tank soldiers. The houses in Cherbourg can be used for both attacking and
defending and the team that have the best aim will gain the victory. There
is also the poweful destroyer on allied side and two fast luftwaffe planes
on german side. This battle have the variation for all players and requests
well trained soldiers to win.

Changes in version 3:
- Adjusted ballance of flag points tickets and ticket ratio. More even for
conquest play.
- Verifyed with patch 1.6 and added 1.6 objects.
- Improved lightmaps (shadows in objects)

Changes in version 2:
- More ballance to be able to run as a really fun map for up to 64 players.
- Added more AA guns.
- Replaced military fence that had error that made planes to crash in air.
- New shortcut over river at the sawmill.
- Moved flag in harbor to more ballanced position.

Features in version 1:
- Ballanced to provide various of tactical battles.
- Ammo and mediclockers spread out in the map to provide fun soldier to
soldier battles.
- Various of gaming on land, at sea and in the air.


- A PC with Bf1942 game.
- Orginal Dice maps installed.
- Unzip the Cherbourg.rfa map file in:

Any comments please mail me at
- -

Hope you enjoy this map.

1st Lt Densloe, Sweden

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