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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas from Tempest! Now, I have a present for you. Nothing says merry christmas better to your enemies than a brightly-colored gernade in the face. Theres one for each team! Collect them all! Ho Ho Ho! Not only that, but the countries of Japan, USA, Britain, Germany and Russia have been feeling festive, and have decided to put up decortations! Thats right, they've each gotton a new christmas flag (The Russian ones my favourite). Enjoy!

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You'll need to use the rfa maker as shown below, and drag the new
files into the archieve folder.
If you have v1.2, then you'll need an rfa extractor/maker.
Open the extractor, go to mods folder, open bf1942, open
archieves, take texture.rfa, and copy it somewhere safe.  Then,
go to rfa extractor, and extract texture.rfa, and it'll become  Open it, and go to pacific.  Place the first
gernade_ax, thats in the japan folder, and overwrite
the origanal.  If it just copies, and doesnt overwrite, that means
you have the wrong one.  Secondly, take the second gernade_ax, and
place it in the main folder, not africa/russia or pacific.  It'll
overwrite the german one.  Then do the same for gernade_al.  Finally,
do the same for flags_o.  Thats good.  Now, open up make rfa, and put into it.  Make your new file named "Texture", and call it
texture.rfa on the third prompt.  Dont bother compressing.  Ok, so now,
take your new texture.rfa (it should be in the file with makeRFA, at the
end of makeRFA itll tell you new files were made, add them to the
directory?  Say yes).  Open the mod folder, bf1942, archieves, and copy
and paste.  OH MY GOD THAT WAS LONG!  But now you are all good.  If
you can think of some other way to do this, go ahead.

You need these two programs for this.  Actually, they are really useful.
If you hate my skins, you can change them with photoshop, and make them
into new ones using the maker that say TEMPESTS SKINS SUCK or something.
Id prefer something more flattering, but hey, this is my first skin.
You can get both in the Unofficial_BF1942_SDK.  It has alot, and its
a small program.  Only 605kb.  Its worth it.

Hey!  Not until the 26th!  Just switch the old texture.rfa you kept
safe at the start with the new one.  Same on v1.1.  Now go have fun.


Um..... well.... nothing.  For now....

Contact me at for any tips, comments, ect.

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