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This project started out as a generic relatively "clean" (i.e. no markings) P-51 for use by myself and other skinners to use as a b...


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This project started out as a generic relatively "clean" (i.e. no markings) P-51 for use by myself and other skinners to use as a base for further reskinning. It uses the stock texture, and retains only the U.S. insignia and anti glare markings. I also wanted to model this as a "factory fresh" Mustang, so I have also heavily shined or "chromed" the main metal parts on this one, but if you don't want that, just delete the alpha channel and make your own. The real Mustang DOES look like this when they apply wax to and polish the metal. It's a really cool in-game effect; someone compared my modified Mustang to a Naboo fighter (Star Wars). You will only get the "chrome" effect if you have a video card that supports environment mapping and you enable it in the game. I ended up liking it so much that it's now my favorite skin, hence the name "Chrome Pony".

This is Version 2.0 of this skin, and it now includes damage textures I forgot to include in my earlier submission. Also, compared to my first effort, I've cleaned up the stock texture some more and corrected more errors in panel lines. I also fixed an alignment issue with the anti-glare paint (you had to stand on top of the plane to see it), and painted the anti-glare part black instead of olive drab. Note: the stock Mustang skin, as well as this one, has a problem around the canopy - the frame is transparent at certain angles. That is why it is painted instead of "bare metal" in this skin. Don't try to "shine" the canopy frame, it will just disappear. I couldn't fix this, as I believe it's a 3d model or mesh issue.

Thanks to and inspiration from llama (great Photoshop tutorial at, pointman (another great tutorial), shrp77 (gmakeRFA program), moseley (rfa maker that gmakeRFA is based on), and why?! (inpiration on the chrome look - I'm still waiting on you to chrome the whole game).

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To use, you will need to include the zipped dds files into a texture.rfa using the rfa maker of your choice.  I like gmakeRFA because you don't need some 20mb microsoft framenet download for it to work.  If you don't understand any of this stuff, email me and I'll help.  Please distribute this or use freely, but I would appreciate credit for the work.

- psychoslaphead

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