Churchill Trailer (Low Res)



A brilliant trailer that showcases one of Winston Churchill's most memorable speeches and really gives us a look at the sheer beauty Battlefield 1942 is capable of. In this low res trailer we're treated to images of Spitfire's barreling along a dusty stretch of land and then flying against the backdrop of earth, sun, and sky. We see the B-17 bombers in all their devastating glory, dropping a salvo of explosives on the ground below. We also get a glimpse at what looks to be the parachute drop of Operation Market Garden, a mission I know I'm dying to take part in.

To sum it up, if you can only bother downloading one BF1942 trailer, then make it this one. There are moments where you'll think you're watching a live tv feed rather than a game trailer and darn it, that's how it should be.

If your bandwidth can take it, I suggest you take a peek at the high res version of this trailer.


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