Coral Insomnia

"Coral Insomnia" by MoonQuake

"Don't even think about sleeping tonight soldier! We've got honor to...


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"Coral Insomnia" by MoonQuake

"Don't even think about sleeping tonight soldier! We've got honor to defend, islands to capture, and asses to kick!"

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1      ----- INFORMATION -----

Thank you for downloading this new Battlefield 1942 level named "Coral Insomnia": another map made by myself, MoonQuake. Coral Insomnia is based on original Coral Sea map released christimas 2002. Coral Insomnia continues the battle with more than just ships to take care about.

 Let's see what we got in this map : 

* Night-time furious battles!

* 1 new control point on every island. Except the lost island!

* 1 Priest tank on the lost island ready to attack anywhere on the map!

* 2 new AA guns on middle island. 1 new AA gun on other islands!

* Max number of Planes : (ALLIES)=6 planes + B17!   -- (AXIS)=8 planes!

* Paratroop respawn points!

* 1 transport boat near every control point, except middle island!

* Custom load, menu and map images!

* Easy MoonQuake-style installation file: a single file to install, delete for uninstall! ;)

- And more............

2      -------------- IMPORTANT  NOTICE --------------

Only way of playing this map is Conquest mode (Multiplayer).

This level was NOT tested with the DEMO versions of BF 1942. It will probably not work.

Feel free to distribute this BF1942 custom level as long as this README file is included in the download file (ZIP). Content and creator informations must not be modified no matter what. If you wish to post screenshots of this map, be sure to include information about its author. 
If you plan to copy parts/entire code from this map, ask me before you do so! :)

3     ---------- INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS  -----------

Very easy!
You got only 1 game file in the ZIP package. You must simply extract it from the package and put it in the correct folder within your Battlefield 1942 game folder : 

* Open your "BATTLEFIELD 1942" folder on your hard drive (where you can see the "BF1942.exe" and many folders and files).

* Then, locate and open the following folders : Mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels/

-- From your ZIP file : 

* Put    Coral_Insomnia.rfa     into this     "levels"    folder.

Voila!   You are done!!!

Make sure that anytime you want to use Coral Insomnia, you got Coral Sea in the same levels folder. They are like brothers and sharing some files! :)

To uninstall : 

Just delete the file. :)

4     ---------- THANK YOUS AND MORE ----------

Special thank to Ferrez for hosting the download file.

Thanks to the [FP] Clan for their help beta testing, for their skills at BF1942 and the crazy stunts they can make! :)

Thanks to all web site admins/file managers for supporting me, posting my maps/mods/screenshots and quickly hosting my files.

Thanks to Moseley for MakeRFA Beta and RFA Extractor.

Thanks to all modders around who provided accurate and usefull info about manipulating different file formats.

I'm sure everyone of you knows I made this map for fun. For you to enjoy a new map for this great game that is Battlefield 1942. I know this level is far from perfect, and different from what you would have done. Remember, this was done using NO OFFICIAL TOOLS. Just take this as a small but positive effort and contribution in helping Battlefield 1942 become even bigger and diverse.

Thanks to all of you for the suggestions, support (and complaints) on all messages boards!

Enjoy Coral Insomnia.

"Wake Evenings 1.2", another map made by MoonQuake can be downloaded from major BF1942 web sites. It's another nice night-time map based on Wake Island.

Contact MoonQuake : [email protected]

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