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Four great maps in one pack! Well designed and textured with a great balance of gameplay in mind. Each map has its own distinctive style of...


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Four great maps in one pack! Well designed and textured with a great balance of gameplay in mind. Each map has its own distinctive style of combat, from tanks and planes, to an all out infantry assault. The scenery as I flew over Eagles Nest was spectaculer! What are you waiting for? Go and get em now!

MadModder's Review

I can not say enough good things about this map pack. Each map is very well done with above average attention to detail. For starters there is CAEN. An infantry only city street fight with bombed out streets, close quarters combat and even roof top access. Finally a map with the right ingredients to capture the total mayhem of WWII street fighting that I used to love in Wolfenstein and MOH. The only thing I would even consider changing is lenghtening the CP's capture time just to increase the agony. Next is EAGLE'S NEST. Here we find ourselves in the Bavarian Alps battling it out for Hitler's private chateau. I was lucky enough to actually visit this part of Germany last summer and the scenary is breath-taking. The developers did an outstanding job recreating the beauty of the country side and the large lake in the middle would seem to represent the Konigsee making the level remarkably accurate with regards to geography. A word to the wise here. If you want to check out the gorgeous view find someone else to drive. If you find yourself looking around too much you're going to deep six off the narrow cliff hanger road leading to the nest. Trust me. I speak from experience. Third is SYMPHONY. My impression of this map is that of a european Operation Battleaxe less any vehicles. A difficult fight is assured given the proximity of the CP's. The enviroment is also instresting. It has a mild feel of loneliness and depression but I thought the fog could have been increased to add to that effect. It could also use some added enviromental sounds. Maybe distant artillery or aircraft. I Also noticed the paddle wheel on the mill is spinning opposite the river current (yes I am that anal) but it is by no means a problem. Again a fine example of map making. Lastly we have SEIGE. My Immediate impression of this map as I tooled around in the jeep was Leningrad. A well planned layout with lots of eye candy. Here the developers did a wonderful job capturing the tortured and ruined landscape that defined the eastern front. In addition to these fine maps there are also some nice loader screens to boot. Kudos to CSAB. EXCELLENT WORK!

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Download 'csabmappack1.zip' (33.29MB)

CSAB Map Pack  #1

 User:  Unzip all four maps into your ...mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels  folder
 Server:  Set your server to UNPURE 1.4

Contact Information:
 Website: http://csab.combatcertified.com
 Email: gratuity99@hotmail.com  (csab.slice)
        kijinajf@bellsouth.net  (csab.dread)

Welcome to the first installment of the CSAB Map Pack. With the released of battlecraft42 were bound to see a large installment of custom made maps, we are trying to be the first to break this mold and released a set of quality map packs in both design and gameplay. Many hours were put into each by the creators, and the testers, to ensure that you will have an awesome experience in these maps. For the most part all of the maps can be played with less than 12v12 aside for Eagle's Nest. So semi-empty servers are still going to be a blast to play on. 

The main creators of this map pack is csab.dread and csab.slice. BOth of which have been creating maps for various games for quite a long time. So experience has played a huge part in this map

Also note:

  These maps are free to distribute but not form of these maps may be changed at ANY TIME. A lot of hard work and time went into these, we don't need some new mapper messing everything up for us. 

Map Name: Caen   - Infantry Combat

Game Type Supported:		Conquest Only
Suggested Max Players:		32 or so

Fighting down the crowded streets of Caen for control the city. The straight path to the flags however might not always be your safest bet. In that case you'll have to take the backroutes, cut through buildings and debris, crawl though pipes and rocks, to reach your destination. 

Note: The only unspawnable flag is the middle flag, this can only be taken.
Note 2: Based off of DoD Caen

Map Name: Eagles Nest - All forms of combat

Game Type Supported:		Conquest Only
Suggested Max Players:		32

Storm Hitler's most sacred hideaway in hopes the dictator will be there. This sounds a lot easier than it is, you'll need to cross ravines and climb up old wooden bridges and curve your way through many deadly mountains to get to the top.

Note: Axis can lose outright, Allies have an uncappable main base spawn

Map Name: Siege  - Ground Warfare

Game Type Supported:		Conquest and TDM
Suggested Max Players: 		32

A Russian oil city in ruins, with the Germans coming in and picking up on the mineral mining. Seize control from the Germans and cut off their resources. Attack an oil barge, control the city, attack their stronghold. Face paced action at every turn.

Note: Small Capture Radius, need infantry to cap. Axis can lose outright.

Map Name: Symphony  - Infantry Combat

Game Types Supported: 		Conquest and TDM
Suggested Max Players: 		32

Very face paced infantry action in a small jungle pit. Bullets will be flying from every direction, bushes, trees, towers, and even from the water.

Note: Only 1 ammobox and 1 health locker on whole map in the center watermill. Use your ammo wisely.

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