DC Blitz Creek



DC_BlitzCreek final ver Apr.2003 from LANCLAN.com

Level info:

This map is designed for a true team-oriented battle. Defend your base and launch a stategic offensive to capture your opponents territory. 2 control points, mounted weapons and custom textures.

Thanks From, www.LANCLAN.com

Install notes:

This will install DC Blitz Creek to your Desert Combat levels folder. Make sure you have installed the .3N alpha and BF 1.31 patch or higher before this installation. Obtain the patch @ DesertCombat.com and bf1942.com, or just visit LANCLAN.com and go to the Downloads section. You will need to browse to your DC folder if it is installed in another directory other than the default. Example: (D:\Program Files\EA GAMES)

NOTE: This is the final release of Blitz Creek for Desert Combat. If the DC mod should change it's configurations that impact directory structure, it may destroy this map's ability to function. If this should happen please check our website in maps section for news on how to fix it.



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