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This map for Desert Combat takes place around an Iraqi town with an airfield and ship dock. Target for the Iraqis is to hold the town at all...


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This map for Desert Combat takes place around an Iraqi town with an airfield and ship dock. Target for the Iraqis is to hold the town at all costs against the invading US troops. I recommend to use a lot of players on this, my friends and me had a lot fun with testing this in high count, has a very fast and exciting gameplay. Both parties are well balanced, you can find some good tips about that in the readme. So what are you waiting for? Download this ASAP, it's well worth it;)

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Download 'brid_airport.zip' (37.8MB)

The new Iraqi population of Brid must defend itself from the invading US administration.
The original line was something like this. The game is now faster and more fun.

Originally this game was DC Battle for Brid Aiport.
The original was too heavy. It had a Nimitz and too many large demanding items.
It would run ok on a client machine but with a server it was rather hard.
This is the LITE (light in weight) version.
This version will run quite happily on a server with the same CPU usage as many other DC games. I have found it to run well in both DC7 and Final.
I have ironed out a few bugs of the original too.
Some I left in for comedy value.
With enough players, this can be a very fun and demanding map.
Even with two players I have found it good enough to have many games.
I think the scenario is setup well enough to allow equal game play IF you make sure the teams are balanced.
It seems like the US have the instant loss of only 1 spawn vehicle, whilst the Iraqis have an entire aiport.
The US have the drop heli, which when used well (and with team spirit) gives a good advantage. You can land it and spawn anywhere. You can either capture the docks first or do a mass drop.
The Iraqis have a delay time with their fast air vehicles, to give the US side time to at least get in the air and ready. This makes it fair.
The conquest mode it the one I concentrated on. The others have been catered for too, but I wasn't making the game with them as a first priority.
You will find a host of noises and graffiti around the map. Mind the gate to hell (9tHgATE, also the name of my Brid server)
There are two SA3s on the map as I really love 'em. Clever use of these can be advantagous.
You may hear the devil, some jungle music, a dead baby, a man being tortured, amusement music (big in Brid) and maybe more
You will see Burberry Iraqi caps, graffiti, Bill Ward posters, Lada cars for disabled boy racers and more.
I tried to make the ladas have Evo engines, but this would have required modding. Not worth it. I have sounds and new images. That is enough for file size!
I am working on a new map or two at the moment. One is related to this one: 
Down the East coast of England, just a step away from BRIDlington is a place called Sewerby. They are next!
Another that is almost done is a straight BF1942 map called Shadow Over Innsmouth. Based on the story by Lovecraft. This has lizard people as a enemy side.
feel free to contact me if you have any decent feedback to give.


I didn't use the installer program, as we now have two DC versions.
If you wanna play in DC-Final, install to that directory
eg: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\DC_Final\Archives\BF1942\levels

If you wanna play in Desert Combat (whatever version), install into that directory
eg: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942\Levels

If you want both.....go for it!!!

I will have my server on almost everyday.
search the server list for  9tHgATE
or for the actual game      Brid Airport
The old version was too sluggish to run on a server without bad crashes.
This one runs great!

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