DC essential files 1.5

here it is dc essential files 1.5. have fun


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here it is dc essential files 1.5. have fun

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Download 'dc_essential_files_v1_5.zip' (2.07MB)

- DC Essential Files -
Code by Lord Nader
Version 1.5
Please read entire readme!

*** Features ***

DC Essential Files v1.5 expands Desert Combat to the Road to Rome and Secret Weapons expansions, as well as the mod Eve of
Destruction. Also features bot support and custom texture support. Place custom textures in 
[root BF1942 folder]\DCTextures\GenericEnvironment\Green (or \Urban for Essen or \Snow for Hellendoorn and Telemark).

*** Disclaimer ***

I take ZERO credit for the creation of the RTR and SW expansion packs, as well as DC and EOD. I acknowledge that EA, Trauma
Studios and the EOD development team have spent countless hours creating each of these awesome expansions/mods, and I do not
intend to steal their models, code, textures, etc. but instead expand the fun.

*** Requirements ***

- Battlefield 1942 1.6
- Desert Combat .7n
- Road to Rome 1.6
- Secret Weapons 1.6
- Eve of Destruction .31

*** Installation ***

Extract the contents of each zip file to "c:\program files\ea games\battlefield 1942\mods". Make sure that subfolders are
included too. To play, use the shortcuts provided.

*** Known bugs ***

- Don't play the original DC levels, some work and some don't.
- For some reason, Brown_Water_Navy either CTDs or lags a lot, no matter what I do. I've decided not to convert it for now,
so don't play that level!
- Not all the vocal menu commands for the Vietnamese work. E.g. "Go go go!" has a sound but "Attack this CP" has no sound.
However, the command is still displayed on screen.

If you find more bugs or imbalances in gameplay don't hesitate to e-mail me! See below.

*** Credits ***

Battlefield 1942, Road to Rome expansion, and Secret Weapons expansion by Electronic Arts (www.eagames.com)
Desert Combat mod by Trauma Studios. (www.desertcombat.com)
Eve of Destruction mod by EOD development team. (www.eodmod.com)
Background images and server icons from FAS (www.fas.org)

*** Contact info ***

Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Praises? E-mail me! lord_nader@juno.com.
Thanks for downloading, and God bless!

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