DC Menu Fix for BF 1.6

This fixes the scoreboard for DC in BF 1.6


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This fixes the scoreboard for DC in BF 1.6

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Download 'menurfa.zip' (6.46MB)


Got a new menu.rfa that fully works! You get the following:

- All textures work (hud, vehicles, ammo etc.)
- Scoreboard is new BF1942 style. Includes the Tab right click interface for map voting etc.
- Spawn interface is full DC. Exactly what everyone is used to. 6 classes, DC weapon icons etc.

Special thanks to Barake for telling me which tool to use. I was using pmeme which did a crappy job with the new bf1942 1.6 patch's "InGame" file in Menu.Rfa. Barake told me to use cmeme/dmeme. I then figured out the rest on my own. Nice... I never dealt with this before. Now I have a new BF1942 modding skill! LOL! ;)


Use at your own risk. So far I've tested a bunch of vehicles, kits, team switching etc. It seems to work well.

Edit: Several people have confirmed that it works perfectly for online play. Even punkbuster enabled servers are allowing this to work. I tried it myself on a large server (30+ players) and yup... it works!

How to install

1 - Make a backup copy of /DesertCombat/Archives/Menu.Rfa. Copy it somewhere else on your disk, give it a .bak extension or whatever else. Just make a copy.... just in case.
2 - Unzip the file into /DesertCombat/Archives
3 - Play DC

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood DCX team!


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