DC Oil Fields Day 2

If your a fan of the original Oil Field's Map then its worth you adding this to your collection, there was no changes to the map itself fro...

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If your a fan of the original Oil Field's Map then its worth you adding this to your collection, there was no changes to the map itself from what i could tell. The vehicle layout's are good and evenly balanced.

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DCF Oil Fields Day2
created by a Dude on the Porch

- added new weapon kits
	    - Assault	Pistol Knife AK-47 Grenade Mines   G.Launcher
	    - Sniper	Pistol Knife M-82  Grenade Binocs  Stinger 
	    - AntiArmor	Pistol Knife SMAW/RPG C-4  Mines   Stinger
	    - Support	Health Knife Shotgun  C-4  Mines   Wrench
	    - Spec Ops	Pistol Knife Car/VSS  C-4  Stinger 
	    - H.Assault Pistol Knife PKM/M249 C-4  wrench
- replaced all planes with helis
	    - added 1 ah-6 to coal base
	    - changed Blackhawk to MH-53/added Mi8 to Iraqi base
	    - added 1 mh-500/hind to opp base
- increased control point radius (40) to allow easier hover-capping with helis
- made refinery uncapturable/now permanent Iraqi base
- Weapon Changes
  - VSS - back to 20 rounds per clip -needs testing maybe 15, 10 is just to small
        - gave it Car-15 sight
  - C-4 - increased time to live, will lay on ground longer now (do this to mines too)
        - increased mag size to 6, due to decrease in power against heavy tanks
  - Stinger - moved to the 6th slot allowing more classes to use
    	    - increased mag size to 4
- Vehicle Changes
  - Hind
     - 8 hellfires
     - slowed overheat/sped up cool down
     - gave old .4 projectile
- added armories
	- add stinger kits to a few bases- added smaw and vss/mp5 kits as well
- added more aa to bases	
- added Panstyr Anti air trucks
- added DPVs to most flags

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