dc oil fields reloaded

well here is a desert combat map that has been redone.


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well here is a desert combat map that has been redone.

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				** DC Oil Fields Reloaded **	
				   Editied by: Fubar925

Install information:

unzip and install the rfa file to your Desert Combat Directory.
The default path is c:\Program files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\Desert Combat\Archives\bf1942\levels

General Information:

This is a editied version of the orginial DC Map. As most know since the .7 patch there
is a bug with the A10 now blowing up on respawn. That has been fixed. Also the long spawn time for the planes has been shorten too. I used Battlecraft 1942 to edit the level but was unable to keep the orginial skybox. So I had to change it the the Gazala skybox. Also I added 2 more helicopters to the map. The AH-6 (Littlebird) to the US main base and the MH-500 (Iraqi Littlebird) to the Iraqi airfield.

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