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Here is the final version of White Angels Chicken Run map. If you haven't played this map yet you dont know what your missing. A beautifull...


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Here is the final version of White Angels Chicken Run map. If you haven't played this map yet you dont know what your missing. A beautifully textured map with a lot of room to manuever, and a lot of fun to be had,

And the singing birds are a nice peaceful distraction right before everything blows up.

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Download 'dc_operationchickenrun-final.zip' (48.32MB)

Title : White Angel's  'Operation: Chicken Run'
Date :  5 . July  2003
Version : FINAL 1.0
Filename : DC_Operation_Chicken_Run.rfa
Author : [BFCM] White Angel
WebSite : WWW.Battlefield-Combat-Maps.DE
Mod Version:  DesertCombat 0.38
Email: White_Angel@Battlefield-Combat-Maps.de

* Play Information *

Game : Battlefield 1942
Game Type : Conquest, TDM
Game Mod : Desert Combat
Requires : Battlefield 1942 1.4 or higher
Players : ~ 20 or more recommended

* Construction *

Editor Used and Other Tools : Battlecraft 1942 Beta, Editor42 (for the Mini Map)

Buildtime : 5 Weeks

Known Bugs : 
-No Repair at Hangars (good for Teamplay, Engineers needed)  :o)
-My english, my orthography and my dirty minds  :o)

Features : None
New Textures? : No
New Sounds? : Yes
Custom Sound? : Yes!   Singing Birds :o)

Machine1: AMD XP 1800/512MB RAM (Editor) 
Machine2: AMD Thunderbird 1200/256 MB (Shadow and Light rendering)

Render Time for Shadows : ~ 500 Min 

* Installation * 

Automatic Installation with Registry Pathcontrol.

* To Play *

Start BF:Desert Combat and Select the Map from the Multiplayer Server list.

* Credits *

Battlefield 1942 was made by EA/DICE and all right is reserved.
Thanks to DICE for the Battlecraft 1942 Editor

* Beta testing *

LordNausea aka MonHrHrthma
-=G|Sys=- DigitalD
-=G|Sys=- AekschnUschi
[DCN] Spooky
Laske & Valerie

and some more unnamed people.

Special Thanks to:

www.PingParadise.com for the Support!  
(they said they put my Map as Standard to all DC Server :o)  *cant belive,shiver*)

Special Greets to:

-my Girlfriend and Love, Carol Guardian
-my Girlfriend Daniela 'Dani', good luck for your Driverlicense! :o)

-All irc.Quakenet #Communitychannel - People

* Permissions*

All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of the sources respective owners.

You MAY distribute this File in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc) and include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive.

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