DC Realism 0.81

The open beta version of the Desert Combat Realism mod.


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The open beta version of the Desert Combat Realism mod.

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Download 'dc_realism_81.zip' (38.03MB)

added the following:

- Gazelle variant with GIAT and 2x7 57mm pods
- Model for Mi-8 FFAR racks
- Model for GIAT
- Model for flare gun
- model for S8 80mm FFAR pod
- sound for GIAT
- Set all aircraft to have fixed cockpits with no external view
- Gave nosecam function to cockpits, enhanced HUD view
- Set faster ammo supply at helipads
- player can pick up more AT4s and RPG-18s at a slow rate
- Model for RPG-18
- New optic for SHilka
- New optic for Bradley
- Set no spawning at some / all outposts for:
	El Alamein
	El Alamein Day 3
	Basrah's Edge
	73 Eastings
	Desert Shield
	Coastal Hammer
	Twin Rivers

- Removed some / all jets from:
	El Alamein
	Desert Shield

- Allowed both sides access to generic vehicles for:
	DCR TRAP day 1
	DCR TRAP day 2
	DCR Bridge Crossing

- Doublechecked possible APache spawn bug in Battle of the Bulge
- Added M167 VADS
- Tweaked damages for 14.5mm, less effective vs heavy armor
- Tweaked damage for 25mm HEI / HEDP, less effective vs helos (still very dangerous)
- Created static pickup and lada that can be pushed / destroyed but not entered
- Created easteregg boomboxes
- M1A1 SABOT reticle gradiations adjusted to work in parallel with HEAT gradiations
- T72 and Shilka given manual traverse
- More obvious graphic for SMAW tracer
- RPG-18 optic adjusted
- CAR-15 Masterkey magsize reduced
- Classes using CAR-15 and AKS-74U as accessory weapon carry only 3 magazines now.
- Less smoky SMAW, AT-4, RPG-18 trails
- DCF compatability
- Added M60E2
- M1A1 .50cal pin given rotational stabilization
- EE-9 given spigot damage for 90mm cannon (was T72 damage)
- Recoiless Rifle given spigot damage (was T72 damage)
- New kit models for RPK, RPK-74, AT-4, suicide bomber, both engineers, AK-74 scoped
- Converted Coastal Hammer to DCR
- COnverted Dust Bowl to DCR
- Changed M1A1 commander options to allow turret override and command for gunner to engage
- Updated BMP-1 to DCF BMP-1
- Gave BMP-2 AT-5 position
- Set deployable machineguns to resupply ammo after using the ramp key
- Reduced gravity pull on unlocked pin-mounted weapons
- DPV has 2 attached AT-4s which the driver can release to be picked up
- Reverted NSV and NSVT and BRDM DHSK 14.5mm sounds 
- Gave Apache 25mm cannon the DC_F NSVT sound
- Added new M14 model
- Added new PKM closeup model
- Animation adjustments to all semi-auto rifles. Now shows reload and proper recoil anim.
- New M14 and M25 sound. Dragunov using M25 sound.
- Updated vehicle HUD icons to show special functions
- Added commander direction overlay to M1A1
- M249 sight changed to a more realistic one
- Adjustments to DCF BRDM-Gaskin
- Converted DC Twin Rivers to DCR
- Replaced DCF silenced pistol and MP5 sound to DC7
- Replaced DCF M9 betetta sound with new sound
- Added deployable M2 HMG and M60 kits
- XM1108 may deploy MG kits out of back from driver seat

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