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Desert Combat Realism Mod for DC Final (28 Nov 2004) Revision 0.81 Created by Mister D and Tanelorn URL: http://tanelorn.sublimede...


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Desert Combat Realism Mod for DC Final (28 Nov 2004) Revision 0.81

Created by Mister D and Tanelorn

URL: http://tanelorn.sublimedev.com/

This mod is an attempt to bring DC gameplay closer to how the real equipment behaves. It is a continuation of the previous Tanelorn Realism Mod under new leadership.

We have not created this mod to rival the DC team. More, to appeal to hard-liners and prior service, or just players looking for greater levels of realism and a sterner approach to game balance. It improves immersion by making the equipment behave more closely to what you would expect from real world counterparts. We *HAVE NOT* taken a truly realistic posture, as we all know how superior US equipment is to third world counterparts.


THe self-installer should automatically detect your install directory and install the mod. It belongs in your Battlefield1942/mods/ directory

To create a shortcut to this mod, I suggest duplicating your Desert Combat shortcut, and in the target field:

replace +game DesertCombat

with +game DC_Realism

*** end installation ***



- Valid maps (Conquest):


Al Khafji Docks

Basrah's Edge

Battle of 73 Easting

Desert Shield

Lost Village noPara

Oil Fields

Sea Rigs

Urban Siege

Weapon Bunkers

El Alamein

El Alamein day 3



Inshallah Valley


Twin Rivers

Coastal Hammer

DCR Bridge Crossing

DCR Frontline

DCR Road to Basrah

DCR Isolated

DCR TRAP Day 1 and 2

DCR Urban Raid

*** end map list ***


- T-72 sight uses smoothing for a higher-quality image, but suffers from alpha-priority issues. The black lines in the sight become less defined when there are trees or smoke before them.


- Please consult the 0.81 changelist

================= CREDITS =====================

This mod contains no directly-copied code from other mods. However, code examples from other mods were used to develop some RealMod objects.


Models: Exocet model

Code inspiration: SA-3 guided missiles, helicopter flares, many innovative ideas.

Forgotten Hope:

Models: PPSH magazine

Code inspiration: Rotating static defenses, Flak88 ammunition type toggle, tank gun optics.

Silent Heroes:

Code inspiration: Smoke effects, radar countermeasures.

DC: Obvious. ;)

Loadscreens, soundscripting, sounds, code: Tanelorn

Model Contributions: Mister D, Silence14, FO Garrison,

T72 Commander voice: RAZ (DC voice contributor)

Previous code from v0.6: Tanelorn

Music: Justin Durban, Edgen Animations http://www.edgen.com/

Beta Testers: Most beta testing was done locally, with periodic playtesting occurring on a larger scale with Forgotten Ones Clan patrons.


Mister D

Silence 14

FO Garrison

FO Samurai

FO Wicked Wizard

FO Thrillhaus

FO Alpha Crow


FO Al Bundy

FO Chocobo

Many other patrons of the DCR forums who have participated in the open beta tests

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