DC Shock and Awe

Includes a DC 0.7, DCF, and DCX maps for your enjoyment.


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Includes a DC 0.7, DCF, and DCX maps for your enjoyment.

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Download 'shock_and_awe_all.zip' (39.78MB)

DesertCombat is a modification of the retail game Battlefield 1942. All new content related to the DesertCombat modification is developed & copyrighted by the DesertCombat Team (http://desertcombat.com). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Battlefield 1942 is published by Electronic Arts, Inc. (http://www.ea.com) and developed by DICE (http://www.DICE.se) © 2002 Digital Illusions CD AM

Shock AND AWE by Jery@transatlanticgaming.com
Tested by Kam@transatlanticgaming.com
Copyright © 2004 Jery@transatlanticgaming.com.

Please note that permission is required to edit or change this map. Relevant permission
can be got by contacting www.transatlanticgaming.com register and then go to the permissions forum.

This map has several objectives as well as being a conquest map:-
Destroying control towers at main bases and no more helicopters will respawn for the remainder of the round.
Destroying the Aircraft Hangers at main bases and no more fixed wing aircraft will
respawn for the remainder of the round.
Destroying the bunker-factory at main base will also prevent any armour/vechiles respawning
for the remainder of the round. 
As well as trying to cap those flags excellent map for ladder-tournament play.

Shock and Awe install instructions:-

Tested on a Linux and windows server and windows client.

Please install the shock_and_awe 38,413kb to your Desertcombat levels folder.

The patchs are to be installed into the relevent levels folder:-

shock_and_awe_dcf_patch to your DC-Final levels folder:-
www.desertcombat.com awesome mod.

shock_and_awe_dcx_brit_patch to your DCX levels folder:-
www.dcextended.com excellent mod.

shock_and_awe_movie_ed_patch to be installed in your DCME levels folder.(for making in game movies)

If you do not have the mods for some of these patches then do not install them. As long as you install 
the main file, then you can pick what patches are relevant to the DC-Mod on your system.

Do not overwrite the original .RFA file with the patches!! 

Please vist us at www.transatlanticgaming.com.

Thank You [T:A:G]Jery - [T:A:G]Kamakazee(aka Kam)

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