DC USMC Woodland Fatigues

LtCol Titus United States Marine Corps "Digital Woodland Pattern" Battle Dress Uniform ...


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LtCol Titus United States Marine Corps "Digital Woodland Pattern" Battle Dress Uniform

Oorah, hot damn another one fresh off the lines, I got so inspired when I finished the desert BDUs (and the black guy) that I decided to go ahead and finish the Woodland pattern BDUS, and HOT DIGGIDY DAMN THEY FRIGGIN RULE ASS!!! Again these are the ones you have probably seen in the news recently (the new fatigues with the dotted pattern) and there's nothing too special about them, except their beauty...These are without a doubt 6 times better than any other DC skin you have ever D/loaded (GUARANTEED!) They actually blend you into the environment, I swear It works I've been testing (hah, not really, they've been done since last night, I've just been playing with them) them and they actually make you look like you're trying to hide yourself (actually the Desert ones have the same effect.)

As with my Desert BDUS I included the brand new (THE FIRST ONE, EVER) black marine with this file, and also I made "camouflage make-up" for the Marines (the caucasian ones :P) They look simply amazing...I'm surprised the came out as well as they did, considering I only spent about 5 hours on each one (desert and woodland.) The only hard part in making these was finding the pattern for actual skin (you'd be surprised how stupidly hard that was.) But I did it, just like I said I would so now I'll stop typing and let you get to your battlefield. FIGHT WITH STYLE!!


Extract the skins you want to the proper folder; EXAMPLE: (If you would want to put it here)

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\DCTextures\Kharkov

This skin (woodland) works extremely well with any level, but I recommend Stalingrad, Kursk, and kharkov for super badass camouflaged combat.

Special thanks: PorkN'Beans skinning tutorial bf1942files.com planetbattlefield.com USMC (Dont Sue ME!) Dice/EA PC GAMER :P

again I hope you enjoy these skins, use them wisely! they can turn against you when you play as iraquis.(BELIEVE ME, they blend in alot better than you'd expect just check out the screenshots I'm including with this file.


AV8B "Typhoon" Harrier DC USMC Desert Fatigues DC USMC Woodland Fatigues DC

I appreciate all the comments I get about my skins, so If you have any comments, tips, or suggestions, please E-mail them to sithlorda80@hotmail.com.

Semper Fi,

Titus Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps

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