DCFX: Joint Arsenal is a collaboration between the DCX devs and the WWX codemonkeys to create a mod which combines DCX and DC-Final into one large and incredible mod. With over 100 maps, 2/3 of them with coop support, extensive submode support and many new tools, the battles are endless!

You must have the following items prior to playing DCFX: - Battlefield 1942 - 1.6 Patch - 1.61b Patch - Desert Combat 0.7 - Desert Combat Final 0.8 - Desert Combat Extended 0.9



DCFX Version 1a FULL [Windows/Win32 Installer]

DCFX Ver. 1a, a Battlefield 1942 modification.

Full requirments, FAQ, and info on all required mod(s): http://widowx.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6754

Installation Instructions:  Run the installer, point the install to your mod directory (default directory will be selected by default).  If you have a default installation and have not changed your installation directory, the installer will choose the correct default directory for you.


**Copyright** This is a modification of the Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat, Desert Combat Final, and Desert Combat Extended game modifications. As such, all works provided by thier various teams and members are their own intellectual property. The modifications made herein are the intellectual property of the authors of this mod. As such, Any derivative works of this or any other mod must require either A) The parent mod, or B) the original authors express permission in order to operate properly. **

DCFX Team Contact:

Team WWX [widowX] website:  http://www.widowX.com/phpBB2
Team DCX [Desert Combate Extended] website:  http://www.dcxtended.com
Contact Email:  [email protected]

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