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This is the Final full version of the Desert Combat Realism mod for BF1942. As the name suggests, this is an ultra realistic version of DC with a few extras thrown in.



FINALLY it's done!

After a weekend of testing DCR FINAL 1.0 is released. DCR will now appear as version 1.0 in the custom games listing.

Note that at the time of this posting, the official server and Men of God's server are still running the beta. Watch this news section for updates on which servers are hosting DCR FINAL. 

Forgottenones public server:

The FINAL version has been improved from the Beta as follows:
(I'm only posting what comes to mind)
- DCR Bridge Crossing updated to Samurai's latest modifications. (I like his version alot)
- HMMWV passenger cam fixed
- DC No Fly Zone Day 2 added
- M2A3 and M2A2 commander sight adjusted for height
- Battle sounds added to Aberdeen, Tobruk, and Bridge Crossing
- DPV AT4 drop improved
- Stationary Spandrel gunsight added
- Several misc. fixes / tweaks I can't remember.

Please post all your experiences here in the forum.

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