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Desert Combat Extended 0.8 Full Client


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Desert Combat Extended 0.8 Full Client

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Version 8
- Added the British army
- Upgraded damage system
- Self guided missiles on some vehicles. These are not player guided missiles; these missiles guide themselves to the target. They use a fairly simple form of Newtonian physics for guidance. These are not heat seeking or radar lock missiles.
- New theme system for British army
- New Ural truck variant that can drop fixed emplacement Howitzer artillery guns.
- Improved Harrier variants. New has better hovering ability and high-speed handling. New variant carries Harpoon anti-ship missiles
-Pantsyr improvement. Now has anti-air guns and can engage targets on the ground.
- Mig-29 OVT. A new variant of the Mig-29 Fulcrum, which has 3 dimensional, thrust vectoring engine nozzles for improved low and high-speed handling.
- Track Rapier mobile anti-air vehicle
- Fixed emplacement Rapier SAM site
- Challenger main battle tank
- Warrior APC
- Landrovers, 4 different variations with different abilities
- Lynx attack helicopter
- Lynx anti-ship helicopter
- Chinook transport helicopter
- Avro Arrow. This is my personal plane.
- Buccaneer airplane
- Tornado ADV air superiority airplane
- Tornado GR3 ground attack airplane
- Jaguar ground attack airplane with 3 different weapons loads
- Mig-25 Interceptor airplane
- Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) to spot targets for artillery
- DDG destroyer
- Type 42 destroyer
- Akula attack submarine
- Los Angeles class SSN-688i attack submarine
- Trafalgar attack submarine
- Fast Patrol Boat. 2 variations. One with anti-submarine capabilities, the other has floating mine-laying capabilities
- Shersen torpedo boat
- Special Operations Craft Mark V (SOC MKV) speedboat
- Zodiac small inflatable boat
- Fixed emplacement 40mm Bofors twin barrel anti-aircraft gun
- Fixed emplacement 20mm twin barrel oerlikon gun
- Fixed emplacement twin barrel .50 cal browning machine gun
- Fixed emplacement twin barrel NSVT machine gun
- L96 Sniper rifle
- L85 Assault rifle
- L86 Assault rifle
- GPMG heavy machine gun
- BHP pistol
- PSG-1 Sniper rifle
- Javelin anti-aircraft handheld missile launcher
- Milan anti-tank handheld missile launcher

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