DCX 0.9 Full Client Install

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The long awaited Desert Combat Extended V0.9 has finally arrived! This new installment takes Desert Combat to new heights with completly new armies, weapons, skins, and vehicles.



DC Extended 0.9 mod

Version 0.9

Last updated : 06/15/2005 @ 23:00 PST


	DC_Extended is an extension of Desert Combat for Battlefield 1942. It's
purpose is to add certain weapons that we feel would make the game more fun to play,
modify existing weapons to compensate for minor annoyances and to modify certain
official maps to take advantage of the new weapons.

	The idea is that using existing models and program code from Desert Combat you
can tweak things here and there to make it a little more fun to play.

	DC_Extended also provides the ability to use the modified vehicles and standard vehicles
on the same map at the same time. Only certain maps will have this ability when all the map changes
are complete.

	Since the release of DC 0.39k, DC_Extended also addresses a lot of balance issues that were
introduced with 0.39k. The damage system for most weapons has been overhauled to be more fun to
play with.


	These are the simple highlights of what DC_Extended adds to Desert Combat

- Homing missles
- A brand new army. The British which includes many new vehicles
- the Avro Arrow... Try and take Zeuser on in that one.
- 68+ playable maps most supporting all mods of play. CQ,Coop,CTF,TDM and of course SP
- new and better BOTs
- Many hidden surprises out their for you to play with and find. ?
- Player guided SCUD missile
- SAM sites
- Mobile SAM Vehicles
- M.O.A.B.
- Parachuting Desert Patrol Vehicles
- More guns on Blackhawk
- Ural ammo supply truck. Also lays minefields.
- Destroyer launches guided Tomahawks and gets a helipad with a Seahawk
- Seahawk has defensive flares and drops guided torpedoes
- Phalanx guns on ships
- Ural tanker "suicide" bomb
- Artillery modifications to prevent "stealing" by other players
- Sub fires Guided Tomahawk and Guided Torpedoes and carries Navy seals
- The British Army, Navy & Airforce
- The Candian Airforce and Army Infantry
And many many many more...

Important notes

	Please read through this readme file first before asking questions. It's likely
the answer you're looking for is already in this file. Especially in the FAQ section near
the end.

	Please read the disclaimer at the end before you install.

	Please read the license at the end before you distribute this file and/or
decompile the files to access the source code.

	Visit our website at http://www.DCXtended.com if you have any problems.


	DC_Extended requires the following:

- Battlefield 1942
- 1.6.1b patch of Battlefield 1942
- Desert Combat modification version 0.7 (www.DesertCombat.com)
- Some common sense to properly install and set up.


	DC_Extended website http://www.dcxtended.com
	If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or you want to find online servers running
DC_Extended; check out our website first. There's a good chance the website will be much more up
to date than this readme file and all your questions will be answered.
Instruction manual

	An instruction manual for each vehicle will be on our website go to www.dcxtended.com/manual.pdf
	If you're having difficulty or want to use all of a vehicle's features, start by looking at our
FAQs on our website.
Changes done
versions 0.9
- tweaked damage system
- upgraded homing missles to generation 3 (from generation 1)
- New Apache Longbow model and variants
- Modular Humvee model and Variants (Truck, 50 cal, MK19, Gatling Gun, Bushmaster, Avenger, Medic, Commander)
- Added AH1 Cobra Helicopter variants (AH64A, AH64G, AH65H)
- Added M1A2 with working Mineplow
- Added MP5SD CQB rifle
- Added Modular UAZ and variants (Medic, 50 Cal, AGS-30, kornet)
- Added Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier and varients
- Added mi28 Assault Helicopter
- Added KA25 Naval Helicopter
- Added T90 with working Mineplow
- Added OSV Iraqi Heavy Assault Rifle
- Added British Light Armour Alvis Scorpian
- Added 3 New maps (King of the Hill, Refinery, Stronghold)

Verions 0.8

Added the British army                                                                           
- Upgraded damage System                                                                         
- Self guided missiles on some vehicles. These are not player guided missiles; these missiles guide themselves to the target. They use a fairly simple form of Newtonian                       
physics for guidance. These are not heat seeking or radar lock missiles.                                     
- New theme system for British army                                                              
- New Ural truck variant that can drop fixed emplacement Howitzer artillery                      
- Improved Harrier variants. New has better hovering ability and high-speed                      
handling. New variant carries Harpoon anti-ship missiles                                                       
-Pantsyr improvement. Now has anti-air guns and can engage targets on                            
the ground.                                                                                      
- Mig-29 OVT. A new variant of the Mig-29 Fulcrum, which has 3 dimensional,                      
thrust vectoring engine nozzles for improved low and high-speed handling.                               
- track Rapier mobile anti-air vehicle                                                           
- Fixed emplacement Rapier SAM site                                                              
- Challenger main battle tank                                                                    
- Warrior APC                                                                                    
- Landrovers, 4 different variations with different abilities                                    
- Lynx attack helicopter                                                                         
- Lynx anti-ship helicopter                                                                      
- Chinook transport helicopter                                                                   
- Avro Arrow. This is my personal plane.                                                         
- Buccaneer airplane                                                                             
- Tornado ADV air superiority airplane                                                           
- Tornado GR3 ground attack airplane                                                             
- Jaguar ground attack airplane with 3 different weapons loads                                   
- Mig-25 Interceptor airplane                                                                    
- Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) to spot targets for artillery                                    
- DDG desoyer                                                                                    
- Type 42 destroyer                                                                              
- Akula attack submarine                                                                         
- Los Angeles class SSN-688i attack submarine                                                    
- trafalgar attack submarine                                                                     
- Fast Patrol Boat. 2 variations. One with anti-submarine capabilities, the other has floating mine-laying capabilities                                                                         
- Shersen torpedo boat                                                                           
- Special Operations Craft Mark V (SOC MKV) speedboat                                            
- Zodiac small inflatable boat                                                                   
- Fixed emplacement 40mm Bofors twin barrel anti-aircraft gun                                    
- Fixed emplacement 20mm twin barrel oerlikon gun                                                
- Fixed emplacement twin barrel .50 cal browning machine gun                                     
- Fixed emplacement twin barrel NSVT machine gun                                                 
- L96 Sniper rifle                                                                               
- L85 Assault rifle                                                                              
- L86 Assault rifle                                                                              
- GPMG heavy machine gun                                                                         
- BHP pistol                                                                                     
- PSG-1 Sniper rifle                                                                             
- Javelin anti-aircraft hand held missile launcher                                               
- Milan anti-tank hand held missile launcher     

Version 0.7.2d

- Fixed network info on M-113 & M-163

Version 0.7.2c

- Fixed network info on M1A1, T-72
- Changed SU-25 rocket firing

Version 0.7.2b

- Fixed duplicate network info

Version 0.7.2a

- Re-organized kits
- Removed flaregun
- Removed counter-turret on M1A1 & T72
- Changed M1A1 handling
- Changed AI preferences on M-1974 & M-109 to make bots drive them

Version 0.7.1L

- Changed No fly zone day2 sam sites
- Trimmed down size of snipefest
- Changed kit items on snipefest
- Made central flags neutral on snipefest
- Fixed omaha beach allied spawn
- Reduced lag on F-14 catapult
- Added SU-25 with rocket pods
- Added SU-25 with anti-ship missiles
- Adjusted damage system (plane guns, .50cal sniper, SAM)
- Added single player version of Coral Sea
- Added deployable Browning, NSVT, TOW and Recoilless
- Added defense kits
- Added bush deploying for sniper
- Added razor-wire deploying to defense kit
- Added liferaft
- Added liferafts to Enterprise
- Fixed guided torpedoe collision system
- Added "special edition" MI-24
- Updated repair pads/hangars
- Added rolling wheels to all helicopters
- Added liferafts to shokaku
- Added liferafts to LCAC
- Added liferafts to Fletcher
- Added liferaft to gato
- Fix SA-3 truck recoil
- Added Mi-25B
- Added Mi-25C
- Added Mi-25M
- Fixed M-109 textures
- Fixed M-1974 textures
- Amphibious M-163
- Added M-113 with .50 cal, driver and 4 troops. Amphibious
- Added M-113 with Tow, driver and 4 troops. Amphibious
- Improved LCAC turning
- Reduced LCAC top end speed
- Added 2 more vehicles to LCAC
- Fixed commander cuppola on M1A1
- Fixed commander cuppola on T-72
- Added U.S. armory
- Added Iraq armory
- Added M2A1 with guided TOW
- Added AH64 hangar
- Added MI24 hangar
- Added new Shilka with ground attack
- Added Armoury to El Alamein, day2 & day3
- Added Armoury to Bocage, day2 & day3

- Added Armoury to Gazala
- Fixed hangars on Gazala
- Fixed vehicle spawns on Gazala
- Added Armoury to Oil fields
- Added Armoury to Weapon bunkers
- Added Armoury to Guadalcanal
- Fixed up guided TOW
- Fixed up Shilka
- SU-25 gets ground radar
- Added deviation to SU-25 FFARs
- Added gas grenade to terrorist kit
- Adapted for DC .6
- Converted Nimitz to DCX
- Swapped Enterprise on all maps for Nimitz
- Added liferafts to Nimitz
- Fixed networking issues for M1A1 and T72
- Added Littlebird to Basrah's Edge
- Added CIWS to Fletcher
- Added SeaSparrow to Fletcher
- Added liferafts to Nimitz
- Converted MH-53 to DCX
- Added liferafts to MH-53 when it sinks
- Added floaters to MH-53
- Added rotating wheels to MH-53
- Added liferaft paradropping to MH-53
- Fixed pos switching on M-53
- Added machine gun to defgun
- Swapped AA harriers on Nimitz to Hydra and maverick versions
- Created a mule for the Nimitz
- Added mule to Nimitz
- Added 20mm Oerlikon gun to Iraqi carrier
- Disabled bot use of M2A3 with guided TOW
- Disabled bot use of Humvee with guided TOW
- Revamped Ural (4 steer wheels now)
- Revamped Ural with supply/landmine dispenser
- Added Ural troop transport
- Added Ural that drops ZPU-4s
- Fixed AI issues with H-6 series helicopters
- Fixed pilot/copilot icon placement on H-6
- Added Hammy's Exocet missile
- Added Hammy's Mirage modification for the Exocet
- Added Mirage with Exocet to Shokaku
- Disabled parachutes on Basrah's Edge
- Locked out iraqis from taking carrier on Urban siege and Sea rigs
- Fixed AI issues on verious vehicles
- Fixed gun slewing on H-6
- Added "Ship" verison of Nimitz
- Added Anti-ship version of AV8
- Fixed network code on various vehicles
- Added new skins to various vehicles
- Enabled maps in single player campaign
- Fixed various moving spawn issues
- Added intro screen
- Added credits menu
- Added low lag version of Hydra
- Fixed M-113 & M-163 suspension
- Added call atry to H-6, H-53 and SA-342
- MLRS with driver's seat block
- MLRS with cluster rockets
- Added 11 variants of F-16
- Added 7 variants of F-15
- Added support for new map Liberation of Caen
- More Apache variants
- Fixed Snipefest map
- Added more single player maps

Version 0.5L.1

- Added optional movie playing
- Fixed coalition helipad to work on new Apache
- Increased SAM speed
- Adjusted SAM lifespan
- Fixed Hind for DC .5
- Changed weapon icons on Hind
- Changed weapon icons on Apache
- F-14B has point and shoot mavericks and Phoenix missiles in RIO position
- Adjusted hangars to support F-14B
- Added anti-camping objects
- Added DC's SA-3 rockets to SA-3 truck
- Converted DC's SA-3 site to DCX
- SA-3 site to use DCX guided missiles
- Added Forest cammo skins for M-163, M-109 and M-1974
- Changed M25 scope skin
- Added "hotstuff" F-14B skin
- Added colored smoke grenades
- Fixed the Entreprise
- Retrofitted damage system
- Added GPSgrenade
- Fixed soldier point of view
- Added Anti-tank2 kit
- Added LCAC
- Changed arty damage system
- Fixed MLRS damage system
- Added deployable spawnpoint to AC-130
- Added catapult launcher to F-14
- Modifed AS-7 bomb into a missile
- Adjusted Maps: Bocage,El_Alamein,Berlin,El_Alamein_Day2,El_Alamein_Day3,Battle_of_Britain,Coral_Sea,Bocage day2,Bocage day3,Battleaxe,Gazala,Guadalcanal,Iwo_Jima,Kharkov,Kharkov_day2,Kursk,Market garden,Midway,Omaha_Beach,Stalingrad,Tobruk,Wake
- Added invasion of the philipines
- Adjusted DC_DesertShield,DC_AL_Khafji_Docks,DC_Battle_of_73_Easting,DC_LostVillage,DC_Medina_Ridge,DC_No_Fly_Zone, DC_No_Fly_Zone_Day2,DC_Oil_Fields,DC_Weapon_Bunker
- Adjusted DC_Basrahs_Edge. Now with bot support
- Adjusted DC_Basrah_Nights. Now with bot support
- Added new DC_Extended maps: DCX_Ocean_Assault map,DCX_Training_Camp map,DCX_SniperFest_BotB
- Added DCM maps : DCM operation sid II,DCM quarry

Version 0.4J.1

- Reverted damage system back to DC .4
- Updated bot list
- Mi24 gets 2 side miniguns (positions #5 & #6)
- Mi24 gets 2 ammo/health box dispensers (Positions #3 & #4)
- Updated repair points for DC .4 aircraft and new Mi-24D
- Adjusted AI to use new Mi-24D guns
- Added radar to Hind gunner
- Adjusted network code for Apache
- Adjusted Hellfire/at-2 damage system
- Adjusted stinger damage
- Added new AH-64D with point and shoot missiles
- Adjusted SAM blast radius
- Apache with guided hellfires mothballed
- Adjusted firing rate on Apache
- Added stingers to Apache
- Adjusted landmine dispenser on Hind
- Adapted DCX to allow DCTextures
- Adjusted Ammo count for Apache FFARs
- Adjusted Ammo count for Apache gun
- Adjusted Ammo count for Apache hellfires
- Added radar to Apache gunner
- Added radar to Apache pilot
- Added radar to Hind pilot
- Added 4 stingers to Hind pilot
- Removed 2 FFAR pods from Hind
- Increased ammo count on Hind FFAR pods
- Adjusted AI on Apache to use new weapons
- Adjusted SAM site armor
- Changed SAM low detail model
- Changed Torpedoe low detail model
- Added F-15C, Apache and Mirage to Battle of Britain
- Added Apache to battle of the bulge
- Added Apache and Hind to Battleaxe
- Replaced tanks on Berlin with Humvees and pickups (fixing Balance issues)
- Added Mirage, F-15C, Apache , hind to Bocage
- Added Mirage, F-15C, Apache , Hind to 73 eastings
- Added Mirage, F-15C, Apache , Hind to El alamein
- Added Apache, Hind to Gazalla
- Added LCAC, OSA to Guadalcanal
- Added Apache , Hind to Kharkov
- Added Apache, Hind , Mirage to Kursk
- Added Mirage, F-15C, Apache , Hind to Market Garden
- Added Mirage, F-15C, OSA , LCAC to Midway
- Added Apache, Hind to Tobruk
- Added Apache, Hind , OSA , SAMsite to Wake
- Converted DC's Basrahs Edge to DCX
- Converted DC's Oil Fields to DCX
- Converted DC's Medina Ridge to DCX
- Converted DC's Weapon Bunkers to DCX
- Adapted opposition carrier to DCX
- Changed Hind to DCX hind on opposition carrier
- Added second Hind to opposition carrier
- Moved Mig-29 to forward section on opposition carrier
- Moved 2 hinds to aft section on opposition carrier
- Added Mirage to opposition carrier
- Moved F-14 forward on coalition carrier

Version 0.39k.5

- New guided SAM is compatible with 1.45 patch
- Fixed sound effects on SA-3 truck
- Added smoke effects on SA-3 truck
- Fixed sound effects on SAM Site
- Added smoke effects on SAM site
- Added ammo/health dispenser to Blackhawk position #5 & #6
- Rear passengers now exit inside of Blackhawk. This is preparation for repelling
- Gunners and passengers in Blackhawk can now be shot from outside
- Added Apache with guided hellfire missiles
- Increased Humvee engine power
- Beefed up Humvee suspension
- Increased ride height on Humvee
- Added horn to Humvee
- Humvee (supply) gets 4 wheel steering
- Humvee (supply) gets driver adjustable ride height
- Scud-B only has 5 SCUDs and fires them at 40 second intervals
- Fletcher only has 16 Tomahawks and fires them at 40 second intervals
- Gato only has 6 Tomahawks and fires them at 40 second intervals
- Adjusted lifetime on SCUD (30 seconds)
- Adjusted lifetime on Tomahawk (40 seconds)
- Removed Bunker, radar tower, chair, table and console from SAM Site
- Added new cammo theme based switching system to DCX maps for DCX vehicles
- Added ability to have map specific skins that override theme skin switching
- DCX converted map themes:
	=	========		=====
	.	Battle of Britain	Cammo_Forest
	.	Battle of the Bulge	Cammo_Winter
	.	Battleaxe		Cammo_Desert
	.	Berlin			Cammo_Urban
	.	Bocage			Cammo_Forest
	.	DC_Al_Khafji_Docks	Cammo_Desert
	.	DC_Battle_of_73_Easting	Cammo_Desert
	.	DC_LostVillage		Cammo_Desert
	.	El Alamein		Cammo_Desert
	.	Gazala			Cammo_Desert
	.	Guadalcanal		Cammo_Forest
	.	Iwo Jima		Cammo_Sea
	.	Kharkov			Cammo_Forest
	.	Kursk			Cammo_Forest
	.	Market_Garden		Cammo_Forest
	.	Midway			Cammo_Sea
	.	Omaha beach		Cammo_Urban
	.	Stalingrad		Cammo_Urban
	.	Tobruk			Cammo_Desert
	.	Wake island		Cammo_Sea
- DC_Extended modified maps:
	.	Battle of Britain DCX conversion by Fodderman (SAM site, SA-3 truck, M-163, Humvees)
	.	Battleaxe (M-163, AH-64, Humvees,)
	.	Battle of the Bulge (M-163, UH-60, M-1974, M-109, AH-64, Humvees)
	.	Bocage (SAM site, Ural, SCUD, M-109, M-1974, M-163, UH-60, AV-8B)
	.	El_Alamein (SAM site, Ural, SA-3Truck, SCUD, DPV, Tanker, M-109, M-1974, M-163, UH-60)
	.	Gazala (SAM site, Ural, SA-3Truck , SCUD, DPV, M-109, M-1974, M-163, AC-130)
	.	Guadalcanal (Fletcher, Gato, M-109, M-1974, M-163, Ural, DPV, SAM site)
	.	Iwo_Jima (Fletcher, M-109, M-1974, M-163, Enterprise , SAM site, Ural)
	.	Midway (Fletcher, Gato, M-109, M-1974, Enterprise, Ural, SAM site)
	.	Omaha_Beach (Fletcher)
	.	Tobruk (M-109. M-1974, Ural, Tanker, SAMSite, DPV)
	.	Wake (Fletcher, M-163, Enterprise)

Version 0.39k.4

- Adjusted Phalanx to be more like like a soupped up M-163 rather than the minigun.
- Adjusted Guided SAM missile explosion and collision system
- Changed Apache prediction modes to "None" to eliminate lag
- Added radar "ping" to SA-3 truck
- Added radar "ping" to Samsite
- Adjusted Ural tanker bomb
- Toned down the DPV booster
- Changed the effects on the DPV booster
- Added 2 more positions to DPV
- Added guided torpedoes to Gato sub
- Adjusted floaters on Gato so that it doesn't surface when launching guided weapons
- Adjusted oxygen, max depth, periscope depth and speed on Gato
- Added guided torpedoes to Seahawk
- Added crosshair to Seahawk pilot
- Guided SAM and hellfires removed temporarily (crashes with 1.45 patch)
- New "Super stinger" SAM missles to replace guided SAM until Guided SAMs are upgraded
- Added "Super stinger" SAM to SAM site
- Added "Super stinger" SAM to SA-3 mobile SAM truck
- Removed "forwardmod" from Guided torpedoe to solve launch issues
- Adjusted Phalanx projectiles for network playing
- Adjusted SAM speed
- Adjusted guided torpedoe speed
- DC_Extended modified maps:
	.	Added Battle of Britain DCX conversion by Fodderman (SAM site, SA-3 truck, M-163)
	.	Battleaxe (M-163)
	.	Bocage (SAM site, Ural, SCUD, M-109, M-1974, M-163, UH-60, AV-8B)
	.	El_Alamein (SAM site, Ural, SA-3Truck, SCUD, DPV, Tanker, M-109, M-1974, M-163, UH-60)
	.	Gazala (SAM site, Ural, SA-3Truck , SCUD, DPV, M-109, M-1974, M-163, AC-130)
	.	Guadalcanal (Fletcher, Gato, M-109, M-1974, M-163, Ural, DPV, SAM site)
	.	Iwo_Jima (Fletcher, M-109, M-1974, M-163, Enterprise , SAM site, Ural)
	.	Midway (Fletcher, Gato, M-109, M-1974, Enterprise, Ural, SAM site)
	.	Omaha_Beach (Fletcher)
	.	Tobruk (M-109. M-1974, Ural, Tanker, SAMSite, DPV)
	.	Wake (Fletcher, M-163, Enterprise)

Version 0.39k.3

- Added ability to repair and re-arm DCX vehicles on Coalition helipad
- Added ability to repair and re-arm DCX vehicles on hangar
- Added ability to repair and re-arm DCX vehicles on hangar2
- Added ability to repair and re-arm DCX vehicles on landrepsupply
- Fixed apache handling issues
- Adjusted Hellfire launch position
- Added turret icon for gunner
- AC-130 can drop 4 DPVs and then no more.
- Adjusted damage system so Stingers can shoot down Tomahawks
- Removed "life meters" from guided hellfire, sam, scud and Tomahawk. Causes MP lag
- fixed Phalanx gun damage

Note: *** This is a minor release to fix bugs ***

Version 0.39k.2

- Guided Tomahawk based on DC's guided Tomahawk with DCX modifications
- Grey skin applied to Seahawk
- Allowed passenger (#2) on Seahawk to fire guided weapons
- "DCX" stamped on Seahawk
- "DCX" server icon added
- "DCX" map icon added
- Tomahawk cockpit and camera altered
- Added "secret" enhancement (find it!)
- Added "DCX" stamp to DPV
- Converted Ural tanker to DCX standards
- Ural tanker gets a horn (primary fire)
- Added suicide bomb to Ural tanker (secondary fire)
- Increased blast radius and damage of Ural tanker explosion
- Adjusted Stinger damage to be slighly less effective against helis.
- Adapted M-109 to DCX standards
- Blocked driver's seat on M-109
- Stiffened suspension on M-109
- Fixed network info on M-109
- Stamped "DCX" onto M-109 skin
- Adapted M-1974 to DCX standards
- Blocked driver's seat on M-1974
- Stiffened suspension on M-1974
- Fixed network info on M-1974
- Stamped "DCX" onto M-1974 skin
- Stamped "DCX" onto SCUD skin
- Converted M-163 to DCX standards
- Adjust M-163 main gun angle
- Stamped "DCX" onto M-163 skin
- Fixed AC-130 Pilot's camera rotation
- Adjusted grenade launchers
- Adjusted AI to use Seahawk. Still don't know if they can drop torpedoes or fly it.
- Fixed AI issues with Fletcher
- Added Navy seal to Gato submarine
- Navy seal in Gato can deploy an RHIB boat.
- Adapted UH-60 to DCX standards
- Added 2nd minigun to UH-60
- Fixed camera "3" bug on UH-60 (DC bug)
- Added health and ammo to UH-60
- Added flares to Blackhawk (position #2)
- Stamped "DCX" on blackhawk skin
- Adapted AV-8B to DCX standards
- Removed fuel tanks from AV-8B
- Swapped bombs for Mavericks on AV-8B (6)
- Adjusted AV-8B AI for mavericks
- Added Alpha version Phalanx guns to Fletcher. Still needs modeling and skinning
- Adapted Enterprise to DCX standards

- Added DCX Seahawk, Blackhawk and Harrier to Enterprise
- Added Phalanx miniguns to Enterprise
- Converted Apache to DCX standards
- Swapped drvier's and gunners seat and controls on Apache to allow for player guided missiles
- Moved hellfires over to gunner's seat on Apache
- Replaced hellfires with player guided hellfires
- Apache gets a new "desert" skin with DCX logo thanks to WO1.Gibs(Ram)
- Apache gets flares for pilot
- Apache gets a radar for the gunner
- Adjust flare reload time for helicopters
- New "desert"/"copper" skin with DCX logo thanks to WO1.Gibs(Ram)
- Adjust AC-130 rate of paradropping DPVs and reload time
- Added note to FAQ (see below) for online servers
- Fixed networking issues. Overusage of "Spirnginfo" and "Planefirearminfo" causes crashes
- DC_Extended modified maps compatible with BF1942 1.45 patch
- DC_Extended modified maps:
	.	Added Battle of Britain DCX conversion by Fodderman (SAM site, SA-3 truck, M-163, AH-64)
	.	Bocage (SAM site, Ural, SCUD, M-109, M-1974, M-163, UH-60, AV-8B, AH-64)
	.	El_Alamein (SAM site, Ural, SA-3Truck, SCUD, DPV, Tanker, M-109, M-1974, M-163, UH-60, AH-64)
	.	Gazala (SAM Site, Ural, SA-3Truck , SCUD, DPV, M-109, M-1974, M-163, AC-130, AH-64)
	.	Guadalcanal (Fletcher, Gato, M-109, M-1974, M-163)
	.	Iwo_Jima (Fletcher, M-109, M-1974, M-163, Enterprise)
	.	Midway (Fletcher, Gato, M-109, M-1974, Enterprise)
	.	Omaha_Beach (Fletcher)
	.	Wake (Fletcher, M-163, Enterprise)

Version 0.39k.1

- Adapted vehicles to new DCX standard
- Converted El Alamein to include DCX vehicles
- Adjusted MOAB blast
- Adjusted SCUD blast radius
- Increased Tomahawk blast force
- Fixed Hellfire splash damage and direct hit force
- Desert patrol Vehicle converted to DCX format
- Springs adjusted on DPV
- Torque adjusted on DPV to counter oversteer. Differential adjusted to compensate for lower torque
- AC-130 will now paradrop DPVs
- M-1974 and M-109 damage system restored to DC 0.38d level
- Bots can now use SA-3Truck and fire missiles. they can't guide them yet though
- Restored Browninghippo back to DC 0.38d level
- Restored M203 and AK47GP30 to DC 0.38d level
- Changed M203 damage system to be less powerful in splash damage and more in direct hits
- Changed AK47GP30 damage to reflect M203 instead of mortar
- Stinger adjusted to be more effective against helicopters
- DC_Extended modified maps:
	.	Bocage (SAM site , Ural , SCUD )
	.	El_Alamein (SAM site, Ural , SA-3Truck, SCUD)
	.	Gazala (SAM Site , Ural , SA-3Truck , SCUD)
	.	Guadalcanal (Fletcher, Gato)
	.	Iwo_Jima (Fletcher)
	.	Midway (Fletcher , Gato)
	.	Omaha_Beach (Fletcher)
	.	Wake (Fletcher)

Version 0.38d.9

- SAMs have a more powerful blast. They were weakened in the last release. A little too weak.
- SAM has a 'health' bar. It's like a timer that shows you how long you have left before it self
- Pressing "E" to exit the SAM will now instantly destroy it
- Detonator (Secondary fire) now works perfectly. In all the tests the Detonator never failed to

blow up the rocket.
- SAM has a "Death camera". When the SAM blows up you'll be able to see the area where it exploded
for 1 second before switching back to the launcher. This is a cool feature for filming movies.
- Added "Death cam" to SCUD
- Added timer to SCUD engine
- Adjusted smoke effect on SCUD
- Adjusted armor on AC-130
- Added timer to Tomahawk
- Adjusted Tomahawk lifespan
- Increased Tomahawk turn rates
- Decreased Tomahawk speed
- Decreased Tomahawk bomblet power
- Fixed entry point to Tomahawk turret on Fletcher

Note: This version was not released to the public. It was used for internal testing only.

Version 0.38d.8

- Reverted AA_Allies and ZPU-4 back to original
- Created a new SAM site with a radar bunker and one SAM launcher
- Removed SAM complex from El Alamein
- El Alamein: Added 2 SAM Sites to Iraqi base. Added 3 SAM Sites to U.S. base
- Bocage: Added SAM site and Ural to U.S. and Iraqi base
- Added helipad to fletcher with a Seahawk
- Made a Seahawk with a modified Blackhawk
- Seahawk has 2 browning guns and 3 torpedos
- Removed startup videos for faster game start
- Altered SAM and stinger damage system to be less effective against ground units
- Altered AC-130 damage system to be more vulnerable to stingers and SAMs
- Altered SCUD damage system to be more vulnerable to stingers and SAMs
- Call artillery removed from Seahawk pilot position
- Added SA-3 truck with guided SAMs
- Added SA-3 truck to El Alamein , Gazala
- Added guided Tomahawk to Fletcher destroyer
- Added guided Tomahawk to Gato SUB
- Gazala: Added SAM sites to Iraqi and U.S. base
- Added deployable wings to Tomahawk
- Added booster smoke effect to Tomahawk. Smoke trail stops after a few seconds
- Added floaters to Tomahawk to help with under-water launching
- Modified damage system to allow Tomahawk intercepting
- Adjusted Tomahawk engine for proper startup boosting
- Removed AI from using any fletcher positions to avoid game crashes
- Omaha beach: Altered map to use enhanced Fletcher
- Fixed smoke effects on SCUD and SAM
- Added flares to seahawk
- Temporarily removed Hind for debugging (Will return with more enhancements in next build)
- Temporarily removed Apache for debugging (Will return with more enhancements in next build)

Version 0.38d.7

- Removed "Dr.Strangelove" from SCUD
- Cut down armor on SCUD to make it easier to shoot down
- Reduced ammo count on SCUD launcher
- Increased reload time on SCUD launcher
- Engine auto-ignites on SCUD
- Engine auto-ignites on SAM
- Downgraded SCUD controls to be more balistic missile and less cruise missile
- Adjusted SAM material and explosion force
- Re-enabled Arty camera on SCUD launcher
- Change the SAM site to 6 missile rack with control table
- Disabled Bot AI from using SAM sites. This was causing game crashes
- Disabled Bot AI from using the SCUD
- Adjusted Humvee parachuting position
- Downgraded the blast force on the SAM
- Added ammobox dropping to Ural truck
- Added landmine dropping to Ural truck
- Added a 3 SAM launcher complex to El Alamein at the Opposition base
- Added modified Ural trucks to the Coalition and Opposition base in El Alamein

Version 0.38d.6

- Removed single player conversions to arty vehicles (again)
- Converted SCUD to single player
- SCUD ramp is operated by RAMP UP/RAMP DOWN buttons
- SCUD is player guided
- Changed model on player guided SAM
- Adjusted launch position on SAM site
- SAM sites are now replacements for AA guns. Radar bunkers restored
- Vehicles that have passed single-player testing:
	.	AC-130 with MOAB and HUMVEE parachute drop
	.	AH-64 with radar
	.	Blackhawk with extra minigun
	.	Hind with 2 extra door guns
	.	Player controlled stinger
		.	The stinger passed testing but handles too weird to be released.
	.	SAM Sites (U.S. & Iraqi)
	.	SCUD Launcher & SCUD rocket

- Vehicles that have passed multi-player testing:
	.	AC-130 with MOAB and HUMVEE parachute drop
	.	AH-64 with radar
	.	Blackhawk with extra minigun
	.	Hind with 2 extra door guns
	.	Player controlled stinger
		.	The stinger passed testing but handles too weird to be released.
	.	SAM sites
		.	There's a slight glitch on client systems for the first fraction of
			a second of flight then it re-establishes itself all on it's own. I
			have no idea where this is coming from.
			Note: Hold down the Fire button for a few seconds when launching the
			missile to make sure the engine properly engages.
	.	SCUD launcher and rocket
		.	Same glitch and fire trigger note as above.

Version 0.38d.5

- Fixed a bug with the Apache radar
- AC-130; Transfered MOAB bombing duties to loadmaster.
- AC-130; Removed SCUD model from under the plane.
- Adjusted Humvee parachute centering
- Converted Radar bunkers to SAM sites
- SAM Sites use Player controlled rockets
	.	Use SAM launcher to control general aiming
	.	Press "Fire" to launch SAM. Your view now switches to the SAM's onboard camera.
	.	Press "E" key to exit SAM and return to normal view.
		SAM will shut down and rop to the earth

	.	SAM has a lifespan of 20 seconds. Then it self destructs.
	.	Throttle speed is fixed. You can only pitch, roll and yaw.
- Added ContentCrc32.Con files to avoid multiplayer problems

Version 0.38d.4

- M-109 , M-1974 , MLRS , BM21 and SCUD are now single player driver/gunner
	.	This will prevent other people or bots from driving away with your arty
		vehicle while you're trying to line up a shot.
- Fixed arty AI for single player driver/gunner
	.	A side effect of this change is that the bots are much more deadly with
		the arty vehicles. They now have a much easier time lining up their shots.
- Reduced SCUD Azimuth settings.
	.	Since it's now single player driver/gunner the SCUD turret doesn't need
		to turn as much.
- AC-130 can parachute Humvees.
	.	Position #6 (Loadmaster) can still operate the rear doors. He'll also have
		2 humvees available to drop out the back. As soon as the Humvees appear
		3 parachutes will deploy to slow it down. The Humvee is on a cargo rack.
		If you can reach the Humvee before it touches the ground you can get in
		and drive away. Be careful, you can drive it off the rack before it reaches
		the ground.

Version 0.38d.3

- Fixed Helicopter AI routines for Apache, Hind and Blackhawk
- Removed SA-3 , SA-9 and single player arty from previous version
	.	There are problems with the single player artys so they've been removed

Note: This version was unreleased. We used it on our server to test the helicopter

Version 0.38d.2

- Added left and right waist gunners for the Hind.
	.	Left side machine gun is operated by position #3
	.	Right side machine gun is operated by position #4
	.	You should use the ramp up/ ramp down controls to open the doors to get
		a better view before you start shooting at stuff
	.	Machine guns are modified brownings.
- Changed Rocket ramp on SA-3
- Added SA-3 to El Alamein (it's parked near the Shilka)
- Adjusted rotation of SCUD rocket ramp
- Added Medical and ammo supply to BlackHawk
- Converted M-1974 to single player.
	.	A single player drives and mans the gun. It used to have a seperate
		gunner and driver.
- Converted M-109 to 2 players.
	.	One player drives and shoots the main gun. The other player mans the
		top mounted machine gun. It used to have a driver, main gunner and
		machine gunner.
- Converted SCUD to single player.
	.	A single player drives the SCUD vehicle and fires the rockets. It
		used to be that the driver and rocket operator were seperate.
- Converted MLRS to single player.
	.	A single player drives the MLRS vehicle and fires the rockets. It
		used to be that the driver and rocket operator were seperate.
- Converted BM21 to single player.
	.	A single player drives the BM21 vehicle and fires the rockets. It
		used to be that the driver and rocket operator were seperate.
- Converted SA-3 to single player.
	.	A single player drives the SA-3 vehicle and fires the rockets. It
		used to be that the driver and rocket operator were seperate.

Version 0.38d.1

- SCUD no longer has "heat" on secondary fire
- SCUD launcher can turn on azimuth for easier targeting
- Added left side gunner to blackhawk

Version 0.35e.3

- Added MOAB to AC-130
	.	Currently the MOAB is carried under the belly. Eventually it will be dropped
		out of the rear ramp. Currently the pilot fires the MOAB with the secondary
		fire button. Calling in artillery has been disabled. It will be re-enabled when
		the ramp operator will be the one to launch the MOAB.
		There's only 1 MOAB per AC-130 so use it well.
		You have to land to get another one. The MOAB is the most powerful weapon in the
		game. It's only half as powerful as the scud but has 4 times the blast radius.
		This is because in real life MOABs aren't as powerful against armor but the
		blast radius is huge! Be very careful when using it.
- Added SA-3 "Goa"
	.	The SA-3 is a SAM launcher. Currently it looks exactly like the BM21. It will launch
		up to 4 SAMs before it has to reload. Each SAM has a proxy sensor so it will detonate
		when it gets near an enemy. A direct hit is not necessary.
- Added SA-9 "Gaskin"
	.	The SA-9 is a SAM launcher. Currently it looks exactly like the BRDM2 Spandrel. This
		is because a real SA-9 "Gaskin" looks very close to the BRDM2. A real SA-9 has only
		4 rockets but the Spandrel has 5 rocket tubes so we made the SA-9 launch 5 rockets.
		The SA-9 rockets are currently the same as the SA-3 rockets. This could change in
		the near future.
- Added Radar to Apache. AH-64A Apache now becomes AH-64D Apache "Longbow"
- Added SA-9 to El_Alamein map (it's parked to the right of the Shilka)
- Added SA-9 to DC_Air_Gazala (it's parked to the left of the shilka)

Planned changes

- Blackhawk climbing rope
- Avenger (Humvee with SAMs)
- Recon satelite. Moves slowly. Fixed altitude. Zoom camera. Calls artillery
- Menu music and video
- Other weapons, vehicle modifications and map changes as they come to mind
- Map changes.

Bugs & Issues

- Bots won't drop MOAB from AC-130
- Bots won't return to base to get another MOAB
- Player guided SAM can destroy ground units
- Bots can't use SAM sites
- Bots can't fly player guided missiles.
- Seahawk AI (bot) code needs adjusting
- Gato can only carry one passenger at this time
- Some cosmetic adjustments needed


Q: 	What's the purpose of this mod?
A: 	To add some extra features to DC to make it just a bit more fun. This is not a full BF1942
	modification. It's an add-on to the Desert Combat modification for BF1942.

Q:	Where did this mod originate?
A:	My friends and we were playing DC and took a break. We talked about how cool certain
	features or weapons would be if they were added to DC. So from there we did some
	research and started working on ways to extend DC's capabilities.

Q:	Do we need to install Desert Combat again or another copy of it?
A:	No. DC_Extended is an extension to your current installation of Desert Combat

Q:	Will this affect my current Desert Combat install?
A:	No. DC_Extended is a new mod on it's own.

Q: 	Are there any new models?
A: 	No. we don't have tools to do 3D models and we don't want to learn either. All
	the changes are done through coding of the .CON files.

Q:	Are you part of the DC team?
A:	No. I'm simply a DC fan who likes to hack the DC files.

Q:	Do your changes affect game balance?
A:	Yes they do. But we try to do other changes to compensate.

Q:	Which maps have been enhanced for DC_Extended?
A:	In the maplist just look for a red "DCX" icon to the left of the map name. These indicate maps that were altered for DC_Extended in some way.

Q:	What will happen when the next version of DC comes out?
A:	DC_Extended should still work but I'll be bringing it up to date to follow suit.

Q:	How do we find online servers that run DC_Extended?
A:	DC_Extended now has it's own icon next to the server name. Look for a red "DCX" icon in the server listing.
	You can also also use the filter on the upper right to select the "DC_Extended" mod to see only "DCX"
	servers listed.

Q:	Are there public servers to play online?
A:	Check our website at http://www.dcxtended.com for a list of recommended servers.

Q:	Can we request my own modifications?
A:	Sure you can. we reserve the right to implement the modification or not to.

Q:	How do we get in touch with you?
A:	Go to our website at http://www.dcxtended.com and contact any of the administrators
	or use the forums to get in touch with use. We visit the site daily and try to answer any
	questions that people may have.

Q:	Who is on the DC_Extended Team?
A:	There's no "DC_Extended" team per se. DC_Extended has evolved into a community project to
	improve upon the already great BF1942 modification Desert Combat. Many people have contributed
	to the project already and DC_Extended is always open to anyone who wants to contribute.
	Contributors thus far have been aknowledged in the credits section (see below).

Q:	Why are you so cool?
A:	I'm not and we don't like brown-nosing. Just enjoy the mod and if you like it a simple
	thank you will put a smile on my face.


- Desert Combat by the DC dev team. This is the base for the DC_Extended add-on.
- Parachute code for vehicles: TurdBurgalar and many others on BF42.COM.
- Guided rocket code:
	Phil and Tom of the BF42.com forums for the discovery.
	Wasteland MOD (wasteland.bf42.com) for the sample code.
- Tanelorn realism mod for effects
- ChapJ for single player conversions of DC maps: Oil_Fields, Medina Ridge and No fly Zone
- No parachute code by EOD.
- DC_Extended Contributors (Staff)
- ServerXtreme for their excellent server and service. www.serverxtreme.com
- Ultra edit for the ultra edit text/hex editor www.ultraedit.com

Zeuser -> Head Developer CO (1st in command)Site Admin 
Droid -> DCX Coordinator 2IC (2nd in command)Lead Site Admin 
LeadMagnet -> Testers/Recruiting (3rd in Command)Site Admin 
Hammer -> Manual/Video (6th in Command) 
MonkeyPhonic -> Models/Skins (7th in Command) 

Droid ->Chairman




Need more Must be mature and have good writing skills

Der Joker
Jack_Ryan (Mac)

GeneralClean - Assistant Mapper



-Sound Editing-




Retired members 
Phucking Duck 

Special Thanks to. 
White Angle 
You Joe Public 

*=Head of Department
^=Deputy Head of Department

Use at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damages to your
Battlefield 1942 installation or your Desert Combat installation or anything else
for that matter.


All New DCX content © Copyright 200-2005 dcxtended.com All Rights Reserved. For use of any content you must recieve written permission from DCX.  Code is freely usable as long as you credit DC Extended.
email [email protected]
Thanks and enjoy the DesertCombat Add-On.

DCX Development Team

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