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Yet another great map made by 1st Lt Densloe


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Yet another great map made by 1st Lt Densloe

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Author: 1st Lt Densloe

Hello and enjoy my BF1942 practice map.

This map is designed for conquest single or clan skill or stunt practice in
BF1942. A loot of extra special items and all spawn objects have a spawntime
at 2 seconds and for 15 times and adjustment to practis your skill to the
max. As a bonus you can find a fun jeep race track in the east. This map is
minimzed in a zip file so you can fast spread it in your clan. Have fun and
start practice.


Changes in version 3:
- Removed spawnobjects and instead shorten spawntime to 2 sec x 15 times
each to solve lag problem.
- Added more sea and 2 ships.
- Verifyed with patch 1.6 and added 1.6 objects.
- Improved lightmaps (shadows in objects)

Changes in version 2:
I have removed some objects in version No 2 to minimize the lag problem. The
first version was unfortunally overloaded with fun stuff and got laggy.
Remember this is basically a clan practice map ment for approx 8 vs 8
players rather than 64 vs 64. The BF map engine do not support too many
objects without a enormus server and really huge clients ;-)

Features in version 1:
- Maximum tickets and no loss, for long and fun trainings.
- Soldier spawn points moved, for quick access to battles.
- (E7,B5) Loads of all viechles in both Allied and Axis base.
- (D7,E3,C1) Far off farms remade as flagpoints with extra items. Viechels,
health and ammo.
- (D2,E4,F4) Bomb targets spread out in the landscape.
- (E6) AAgun traning field.
- (D6) Assult practice. Axis sawmill vs Allied bridge hold.
- (D8) Bridge practice for flying, bombing and stunts.
- (C4) Bunker "King of the hill" training
- (G7 to F2) Willy jeep rally track. Drive between the stone pillars and
reach the repair point first. Avoid all rubble in the way ;-)


- A quite good computer for BF1942.
- A PC with Bf1942 game.
- Orginal Dice maps installed.
- Unzip the Densloe_Practice.rfa map file in:

Any comments please mail me at
- -

Hope you enjoy this map.

1st Lt Densloe, Sweden

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