Desert Combat



Here is the first Desert Combat Beta, 0.5L.



- Fixed Battle of the Buldge Control Point
- Fixed MG's on tanks
- Fixed Pickup Truck textures, removed logos

- Fixed Menu loading bar so you read the map name
- Added new Autocannon sound
- Adjusted projectile wizzing sound to hear it more often
- Made range of audio for jets higher
- Revised DesertShield AI
- Fixed various kit models

- Fixed Spandrel Net code -FD
- Fixed Stinger power against helis and su-25/ A-10 back to 2 hits -FD
- Added updated M-16/M203 Animations from Tom - FD
- Added Updated DesertShield from AJ -FD
- Add Brians new SA-3 code - FD
- Extended jet engine fade out to lessen the sudden fade
- Fixed F-14 engines not readhing full volume & afterburners
- Mi-8 sounds vastly improved with repositioning and cockpit sound
- CAR-15 sound fade smoothed out
- Pantsyr changes:
- Gave ATGM launch sounds instead of stinger sounds
- Significantly reduced radar hum while in turret
- Improved turret rotation so it can track faster aircraft
- Increased up-angle to it can attack aircraft
- Set minimum angle above horizon so it can't engage ground targets
- Shotguns: 
- reduced zoom
- gave 9mm projectile because original projectile used BF1942 materials, allowing it to damage armor
- Increased power and reload time for Recoiless Rifle. Damage equal to tank cannon.
- Adjusted M109 .50cal camera angle so range sight doesn't block view
- Gave Ural NSVT instead of Browning (better than just changing camera angle like the others)
- MLRS rocket engine sound improved to keep sound regardless of airtime (not in this pack)
- Oilfires randompitch corrected to prevent very low or very high fire sound.
- Adjusted burst size and prox fuse radius for Shilka and ZPU to improve efficiency, set projectile to proper type for airburst
- Removed ZPU and Shilka extra tracers and simply thickened it's normal fire which were already tracers
- Removed gravity for maverick rockets and gave them a better sound
- Set AV8X nose cannon to be very similar to A-10
- Set Saika reload sound to coincide with animations
- BMP-2 AT-5 reload changed due to a double magazine (probably accidentally ported from Bradley)
- BMP-2 and HMMWV-TOW given special reload soundscripts due to how reload with dummys works
- Spandrel missile given thinner smoke so you can see what you're firing at

- Radio changes:
- Changed "APC Support" to "Engineer ready" as per request
- "Wait" returned to F6-F1
- "Suppressive fire" and "Cover me" combined into one command

- Fixed El_Alamein Day 2 and Day 3 Map ID's -FD
- Fixed Wake SP -FD
- Fixed GuadalCanal SP -FD
- Fixed Battle of Midway SP -FD
- Fixed Mi8 AI -FD
- Fixed Gazala (Mi8 AI) -FD
- Fixed Tabruk SP -FD
- Fixed UH-60 AI -FD
- Fixed UH-60Q AI - FD
- Fixed UH-60L AI - FD
- Fixed UH-60L made primary fire - FD
- Lowered minigun radius to balance 2 miniguns. - FD
- Lowered force on explosion on M203/GP40 and MK-19 to reduce cheats - FD
- Fixed UH-60, UH-60L and UH-60Q material ID, Exported wrong at 61, needs to be 63. - FD
- Fixed Loading menu bar - FD
- Fixed Ural and Ural Tanker network bug (which fixed Weapons Bunkers and Oil Fields) - FD
- Fixed UH-60L exit positions
- Added Para Ammo Code - FD
- Added M2a3 Hull fix from Danny - FD
- Updated Harrier to 500 bullets. - FD
- Upadated loading screen (new BH) -FD
- Fixed Spec opsd kit -FD
- Lowered SA-3 distance -FD
- Allowed SA-3 to kill AC-130 -FD
- Fixed Helipads to repair new helis -FD
- Fixed Hangers to repair new vehicles -FD
- Added new medals -FD
- Added new Iraqi Backpack scheme -FD
- Fixed Scud glass -FD
- Fixed missing Radio texture -FD
- Fixed Allies Support kit - FD
- Fixed strength of F-14 Bombs - FD

- Added Mi8 windshield - MH
- Added Mi8 menu icon - MH
- Added new versions of custom DC maps to fix problems encountered in .5g - BH
- Added new tabot and TOW effects - BH
- Added new M16/M203 first-person animations
- Changed some two sided settings on Bradley and BMP-2 for optimization - BH
- Updated Hellfire skin and model - BH
- Updated Hellfire rack skin on UH-60L - BH
- adjusted ATGM materials for better splash performance - EN
- reduced 1st person CAR-15S volume - EN
- fixed Mi-24 weapons and sound problem: Mi-8 weapons.con conflict - EN
- Adjusted view for some .50cals which were obscured - EN
- New tracers added to most machineguns - EN
- Technicals given radios - EN
- Technicals, HMMWVs, BRDMs, and Urals given horns - EN
- Minigun radius increased to 5m - EN
- Car-15S smoke effect adjusted - EN
- Many new environment sounds added. - EN
- AT-2, BMP AT-4, BRDM-Spandrel rockets set to use correct damage materials - EN
- Added M82 and Mi-8 Spawn points BotB, Bocage (days 1, 2, 3), El Alamein (Days 1, 2, 3) Gazala, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, OMaha Beach and Tobruk - SW

- Added new menu icon for spec ops class
- Added new ammo icons for Apache, Hind, and Mig29
- Added new hellfire model and skin
- Added Car-15 Model (Supressed - FD
- Fixed bug in UH-60q Ai that was crashing single player -FD
- Removed flash from Car-15, added smoke -FD
- Fixed AH-64 from killing itself with Hellfires - FD
- Rotated BH-Rear blade -FD
- Added new Load Screens - FD
- Updated all maps to use new Load Screens - FD
- Added new Load menu bar - FD
- Fixed HellfireRack LOD's, uv's and updated skin - JH & MH
- Fixed UH-60L LOD's - JH & MH
- Fixed UH-60Q LOD's, Skin - JH & MH
- Reversed UH-60 Prop Static Model - JH & MH
- Fixed UH-60_ESS_Pylons LOD's and updated skin - JH & MH
- Fixed Mk23 and PSS animation fire speed
- Updtaed Credits -FD
- Put AC-130 back on El_Alamein -FD
- Put UH-60 back on Basrah, removed SHilka added another Technical - FD
- Added Car-15 Suppressed Sound from Tan - FD
- Added new Remington models, textures and random selection - BH
- Added M203 animation - BH
- Added Mi8 - MH
- new materials made for:
- SA-3 dumbfire
- three new tracers
- 30mm fighter gun set to kill planes with slightly less hits (20 hits = 150 HP damage)
- Minigun set to be very lethal to infantry in 2.5m radius. Little damage to heavy armors
- 1 shot headshots for assault rifles set to 2-hit kills
- raised m203 / gp30 splash damage slightly to do 60% damage if it lands at your feet
- 9mm point blank damage lowered slightly
- Three new tracers created, one replacing the standard tracer. These tracers are more visible
- Tracers will now bounce off of armor if the weapon is unable to do significant damage against the target.
- environmental radio sound audibility distance increased
- All jet soundscripts improved to smooth out transition from idle to flight. ALso afterburner sound only kicks in when at 100% throttle

- Added new helicopter prop blur
- Added new UH-60, UH-60L, UH-60Q 
- New textures for pickup trucks and technicals 
- Improved AI for various handweapons and vehicles 
- Improved DPV wheel models 
- New Harrier skin, simple and wreck models added 
- MK23, PSS and Stinger simple models added 
- MK23 and M82 model fixes added 
- More lexicon.dat updates 
- Fixed some problems with F-16 fuselage 
- New treads for M1A1 and M109. Larger turret for M109 
- M203 and GP30 blast force reduced 
- M82 adapted for proper projectile and deviations 
- M82 given proper sound 
- CAR-15 adapted to proper deviations 
- M203 and GP30 given deviation and expanding crosshair 
- CAR-15 and M82 given reticles 
- Fixed missing RPG rocket sound 
- removed shellbounce sound from silenced pistols 
- Added new material listings for: tank shell, MLRS, BM21, .50cal Sniper, Spigot and AT2 
- 25mmHEDP: Negated damage to ships with exception of landing craft. 
- OSA 40mm cannon: comprehensive adjustment for sound, blast explosion, and damage. The 2x30mm cannon will be similar to 25mm HEDP only it hits 2x times and may damage ships. 
- HandGrenade: set it to do 45HP dmg to light armor going down to 5HP for Bradley and 0 to MBTs. 
- mortar splash: set to instakill if within 30% max radius 
- Stinger Su-25 and A-10: set it to do 70HP damage per hit to these aircraft, 2 hits causing critical engine failure 
- Mk-19: Mk-19 typically used HEDP, so direct damage will be dangerous to all but MBTs, similar to bradley cannon. Splash will only injure troops and scout cars. 
- Spandrel, TOW, and AT4 vs light or heavy armor: Will give it 5m blast radius with 50% damage at center. 
- FFAR splash vs infantry set instakill to 30% max blast radius 
- FFAR direct hit for armor 49 set to proper damage curve 
- MBT main cannon has almost no splash values: Fixed. set M1A1 to have a flatter trajectory, higher velocity, and low blast. T72 gets standard arc, slightly lower velocity, and larger splash. 
- SABOT vs HEAT. Removed the smoke trail effect and gave the M1 shell a brilliant white-yellow flare they have iRL. 
- A-A missiles to a MBT: reduced damage done to heavy armors 
- SU-25 full bomb load (16 bombs) will sink destroyers. 32 bombs will sink battleships. 48 will sink carriers. 
- Bombs maintain current damage within 30% of blast radius 
- Equalized arty rockets splash with direct vs MBTs: Will equalize. Increased BM21 blast radius to MLRS level but reduced damage. 
- .50cal sniper round made slightly more effective s. light armors compared to standard .50cal. Added special effects vs. infantry with knockback. Vs. infantry has a 0.15m prox fuse causing 25% total HP damage. 
- 30mm AA cannon adjusted to do 7.5 HP per hit to aircraft, requiring 20 consecutive hits to down a full health aircraft 
- Avenger damage increased to compensate for lower ROF 

- Added Car-15, Smoke Grenades and M82 (not placed on any map yet) 
- Removed 7th class, readded stinger to Anti-Armor 
- Includes Desert Shield 1e, Basrah Nights 1c, No Fly Zone 5d 
- Increased speed of SA-3 
- Fixed path finding for bots in 73 Eastings 
- Fixed AI for M16/M203 AK47/GP30 
- New lexicon file to bring in line with Desert Combat (erase WW2 references) 
- Added new Mig29 Mig Wreck to eliminate mysterious floating ghost Mig wreck 
- Altered weapon angles on some hand weapons 
- Edited radio commands to soften beginning and ending 
- Added new unskinned Harrier.
- Added new sounds for oil fields objects
- Added new M16 muzzle flash
- Even more supa-dupa BDRM-2 upgrades from Danny
- Restructured sounds
- Added NVST and Non-rotating cupola mgs
- Extracted map-specific statics to main folders for use across more maps
- Fixed Tobruk single-player so bots will use right vehicles
- Revised models and textures for Mp5
- Revised textures for F-15C, M249
- Tweaked spawn times, vehicles spawns on Battleaxe, Bocage, El Al, Gazala, GuadalCanal, Karkov, Tobruk and Wake
- Improved F-14B network code

- Fixed a crash bug with mgs

- Added new BDRM-2 turret
- Added NVST
- Added Non-Rotating Cupola MGs
- Added Radio Commands
- Added Revised Basrah's Edge

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